Sample Paper of Subject Specialist SS

Practice Test
26: mary ann evans wrote under the pen name of
a.    George Eliot
b.    Edna Lyell
c.    Lynn Linton
d.    Mrs. Marsh
27: what is the full name of Oscar Wilde?
a.    Oscar fingal O’ flahertie wills wilde
b.    Oscar doian graywilde
c.    Oscar Robert Louis wilde
d.    Oscar Richard wilde
28: Thomas hardy’s first published world was rather sensational which appeared anonymously in 1871. Identify the tile
a.    Under the greenwood tree
b.    A pair of blue eyes
c.    Desperate remedies
d.    Far from the madding crowd
29: eustasia vye is the character appeared in
a.    The return of the native
b.    The mayor of caster bridge
c.    The woodlanders
d.    Tess
30: who wrote “the theatre of ideas, a burlesque allegory?”
a.    Inigo Jones
b.    Dorothy Jordan
c.    Benjamin Jowett
d.    Henry Arthur Jones
31: who won Nobel Prize in literature in 1949?
a.    William Faulkner
b.    Ernest hemingway
c.    Christopher Isherwood
d.    Richard hughes
32: ________ is the last survivor of Oedipus family.
a.    Ismene
b.    Antigone
c.    Oedipus
d.    Creon
33:  death of ________ uccors on stage.
a.    Oedipus
b.    Jocaste
c.    Antigone
d.    None of these
34. Prospero is the famous character of Shakespeare’s __________?
a. tempest
b. Othello
c. hamlet
d. king lear
35: Romeo goes to ________ after being exiled from Verona.
a.    Padua
b.    Rome
c.    Mantua
d.    Cypress
36: _______ finds Juliet dead on her bed.
a.    The nurse
b.    Romeo
c.    Lady capulet
d.    None of these
37: half-rhyme is also called as
a.    Weakened rhyme
b.    Rime riche
c.    Imperfect rhyme
d.    Papa rhyme
38: dactylic metre is also known as______
a.    Falling metre
b.    Ascending metre
c.    Metre of negligence
d.    Metre of innovation
39: T.S.ELIOT in his essay “hamlet and his problems” gives his famous theory of ______
a.    Negative capability
b.    Unification of sensibility
c.    Dissociation of sensibility
d.    Objective correlative
40: NEW CRITICISM is a term applied to
a.    Anglo African criticism
b.    Anglo American criticism
c.    Afro American criticism
d.    Latin American criticism
41: the book entitled MIMESIS is written by
a.    Eric auerbach
b.    Susan Kermode
c.    Frank kermode
d.    Walter j. org
42: C.S LEWIS wrote the essay entitled with
a.    Matthew Arnold
b.    John galsworthy
c.    Sense of the past
d.    Shelly Dryden and mr. eliot
43:  William wordswoth is called –
a.    Anti intellectualistic
b.    Pro intellectualistic
c.    Anti metaphysist
d.    Anti Aristotelian
44: “lectures aesthetics” is an epoch making work written by
a.    Kant
b.    A.w. schelegel
c.    Goethe
d.    Hegel
45: the battle of book is written by
a.    Jonathan swift
b.    Pope
c.    Seamus Heaney
d.    Edward said
46: the root meaning of hamartia
a.    A judging calculation
b.    A moral failing
c.    Guessing the mark
d.    Missing the mark
47: who amongst the following critics is against the Tragi-comedy?
a.    Aristotle
b.    Plato
c.    Longenus
d.    Dante
48: who wrote a regular critical treatise “the school of the abuse”
a.    Sir john cheke
b.    Geoferry chauser
c.    Stephen gosson
d.    George saintsburry
49; divina commedia is written by
a.    Longinus
b.    Horace
c.    Dante
d.    Aristotle
50: “houyhnmnms” in gullivers’ travels is called  (Answers of all 50 Questions )
a.    A rational and thoughtful horse
b.    A irrational mule
c.    A human being
d.    An animal with a thinking capacity

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