Assistant Director Land Record Interview Experience

Introduce Yourself introduced briefly with fluent English.
What is the procedure of making budget?
What is inventory?
What is Current Ratio?
What is a current asset.
Name of Current Assets.
what is purpose of Current ratio.
How can we determine per unit cost.
Define FOH.
What is breakeven point.
what is formula of breakeven.
what is method of inventory recording.
what is the difference b/w NABI and RASOOL
Kitni kitaben Rasoolon per nazil hoe han
kitni kitabon ka Quran pak mein zikar hai jo Rasoolon par nazil hoe hoe hanI
jin jin Rasoolon par nazil hoe han un k name btao.

Tell me the Hierarchy of the revenue department.
Define Management,Administration and Good Governance.
What u think about the land reforms system introduced by Punjab Governement?
ADLR’s functions?
ADLR has the same function as of Tehsildar.Do u think it is dichotomy of powers?
What is the need of computerization of land records?
State at least three function that a Tehsildar can perform and Naib Tehsildar cannot.

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