ASI Inservice Interview Experience

Dear friends as you know for ppsc general asi exam qualification is F.A but for insrvice exam graduation is must for constables
So the candidates who are appearing in ASI interview regarding inservice quota they should full command on their

  • Optional subjects in BA
  • Information about police force and police department
  • if anybody who is MA he should full command on his master subject
  • current affairs, general knowledge,about your district police

I am here presenting an interview of  a inservice candidate

I am Asif a graduate constable with optional subjects of Punjabi and Political Science

Introduce yourself
when you joined as constable
when you completed your graduation
what are your optional subjects in B.A
Who was IG of punjab when you were appointed as constable
When Osama was killed by USA force
Which Pakistani is involved  in this matter

Who is Shah Hussain
Who wrote qisa sasi punoo
Why Waris Shah is famous for
Who is your favourite Punjabi Poet
Which books are written by him

Who was karl Marks
Republic kis ki book hai
What is federal System of Government
tell me about some of his works
What are 107,109,342ppc
What types of 302 section
FIR stands for
What is the difference between 342 and 365

Ok. Now you can go.
I said Khuda hafiz

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