Practice Test

Q-1. Write an Essay in English comprising 100-120 words on any One of the following: (20)

i. National Unity                   ii. Unemployement                iii. Students and Politics

Q-2. Translate the following into Urdu: (10)

No country can prosper or become a leading power in the world unless her people are patriotic. Lack of patriotic feelings gives birth to such main activities as smuggling and espionage. Consequently, the economic stability of the country is undermined and her very independence is at stake.

Q-3. Use Five of the following pair of words to bring out the difference of meaning: (10)

a. Access, Excess              b. Cast, Caste                 c. Foul, Fowl
d. Hoard, Horde                 e. Pail, Pale                     f. Decease, Disease

Q-4. Use Five of the following idioms in sentence so as to bring out their meaning clearly; (10)

a. From pillar to post              b. Cock and bull story               c. Blow one’s top
d. To be dragger’s drawn        e. From horses mouth               f. To kick the bucket

Q-5. Answer the following questions: (20)

i. What is meaning of Makka ?        ii. Who built Badshahi Mosque Lahore?
iii. One hectare equal to how many acres?  iv. When Pakistan became an Islamic Jamhoria?
v. What makes common salt?     vi. What is carnivores?
vii. One which river is Baghlihar Dam   viii. What is known as liquid gold?
ix. Siachen is situated at an altitude of?  x. Who painted Mona Lisa?
xi. What is document in Computer  xii. Name the gas that is used in soft drink?
xiii. Suez Canal is located in ?     xiv. Where is Shah Jahan Mosque located?
xv. Which Pakistani missile has range of 4000 KM?
xvi. Mirani dam irrigates how many acre of land? xvii. Name area from Northern Areas of Pakistan ?
xviii. Who wrote Tarana “Sare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara” ?
xix. Temporary storage place for information in computer is called ?
xx. When the national anthem was approved by the Government of Pakistan?

Q-6. Answer the following questions: (10)

i. Who is the President of Indonesia?
ii. When Presidential Election is being held in Afghanistan?
iii. Name the Head of NATO Forces in Afghanistan?
iv. Where is Iran’s Nuclear Site located?
v. How much aid has been promised by USA to Pakistan?
vi. Name the Muslim province of People’s Republic of China?
vii. How much electricity is produced in Chashma Power Plan?
viii. Name the country which is known as Land of Midnight Sun?
ix. Name the countries of Central Asia?
xi. What is the break up of Senate Seats of Pakistan?

Q-7. Write a note (Minimum 100 words) on any One of the following: (20)

a. Swat Operation (background)  b. Should Pakistan have more provinces than the existing? (Reason)
c. Sir Creek issue with India        d. Prime Minister’s Visit to Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh)

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