Assistant Superintendent Jail Papers PDF

Assistant Superintendent Jail Past Papers

1. Profane means

a) Unholy b) Holy c) Lovely d) Ugly

2. Gorgeous means
a) Glorious b) Splendor c) Worthy d) Costly

3. Theist means
a) Believer b) Sectarian c) Scholar d) Worship

4. I am ignorant______ your faults.
a) of b) in c) to d) on

5. I prefer milk _______ tea.
a) to b) from c) for d) with

6. He is famous ____ his honesty.
a) for b) in c) of d) to

7. I am keen_____ fashion.
a) to b) for c) in d) to

8. Believe ______ Allah.
a) in b) on c) at d) to

9. What is time _____ your watch.
a) by b) in c) to d) on

10. I shall back____ you every time.
a) up b) to c) of d) down

11. Lend a hand means.
a) to help b) to lend money c) to talk d) to bring

12. Null and void means.
a) void by law b) valid by law c) false d) True

13. Ins and outs means.
a) explanation b) Expression c) impression d) Vision

14. Turn _____ the left.
a) to b) on c) to d) with

15. He is lame ______ one leg.
a) of b) with c) in d) to

16. He is kind ____ me.
a) to b) on c) of d)for

17. I am sure ____ my success.
a) of b) on c) in d) to

18. I am fond ____ football.
a) Of b) in c) for d) at

19. Give ___ smoking.
a) up b) to c) in d) for

20. Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah was the conqueror of_________ Egypt
(a) Yarmuk (b) Iran c) Iraq (d) None of these.

21. The first mosque built for Muslims was:
(a) Quba Mosque (b) Bait-ul-Maqdas (c) Nabvi Mosque (d) None of these

22. Musailma Kazzab was killed by:
(a) Khalid bin Walid (b) Wahshi (c) Hazrat Abbas (d) None of these

23. At Qadsia ________ commanded the Muslim army.
(a) Saad bin Abi Waqas (b) Khalid bin Waleed (c) Ikrama (d) None of these

24. Spain was conquered by:
(a) Tariq bin Ziyad (b) Mohmud Ghaznawi (c) Musa bin Nusair (d) None of these

25. Which is the 3rd Sura in Al-Quran?
(a) Aal-e-Imran (b) Al-Maida (c) An_Nisa (d) None of these

26. Khilafat-e-Rashida lasted for about:
(a) 60 years (b) 30 years (c) 80 years (d) None of these

27. Baghdad was founded by:
(a) Harun (b) Mansur (c) Mamun (d) None of these

28. Under which Caliph, Sindh was invaded by Muhammad bin Qasim in 711 AD?
a) Muawiyah b) Al-Walid I c) Abdul Malik d)None of these

29. He was the Governor – General of Indo-Pakistan before Mountbatten:
a) Lord Cruzan b) Lord Wavel c) Lord Minto d) Redclif

30. Election to the First Constituent Assembly of Pakistan took place in:
a) 1947 b) 1946 c) 1954 d) 1971

31. First census of Pakistan was held in
a) 1950 b)1951 ) c) 1954 d) 1955

32. State Bank of Pakistan was inaugurated by Quaid in.
a) June 1948 b) July 1948 c) July 1948d) Dec 1948

33. “The Myth of Independence” was written by
a)I.H Qurashi b) Z.A. Bhutto c) Ayub Khsn d) G.W Chudhary

34. Liaqat Nehru Pact announced at Delhi in.
a) April 1951 b) April 1950 c) April 1952 d) April 1953

35. Ghlam Muhammad dissolve the Constituent assembly on:
a) 26th October, 1954 b) 24th October, 1954 c) 28th October, 1954 d) 27th October, 1954

36. Simla Deputation was led by
a) Liaqat Ali b) Sir Agha Khan c) Ch. Rehmat Ali d) Waqarul Mulk

37. Separate electorate was awarded to Muslims in
a)1916 b) 1909 c) 1919 d) 1932

38. “Comarade” was started by

a)Allama Iqbal b) Moulana Muhammad Ali c) Zafar Ali Khan d) Sir.Syed Ali Khan

39. “Zamindar” was brought about by
a)Iqbal b) Zafar Ali Khan c) Moulana Johar d) Ch.Rehamat Ali

40. Moplah rising in Malabar took place in
a) 1926 b) 1921 c) 1922 d) 1923

41. Chauri Chaura incident took place in
a) 1919 b) 1922 c) 1920 d) 1921

42. Simon Commission was sent to India in
a) 1929 b) 1927 c) 1928 d) 1930

43. Dyarchy was scrapped in
a) 1916 b) 1919 c) 1912 d) 1920

44. The Peking news was the first newspaper of the world.
a)Myanmar b) china c) Japan d) S.Korea

45. “Plague” is a disease, which spreads by.
a)Rabbit b) Rat c) Cat d) Dog

46. Where is Kallar Kahar situated?
a)Rwalpindi b) Chakwal c) Jehlum d) Dina

47. Rohtas Fort” was constructed on the bank river of Jhelum by (on Sher Shah’s order).
`a)Asfhani b) Todar Mal c) Miam Mir d) Abu Al Fazal

48. The capital of Argentina is.
a)Khelat b) Buenos Aires c) Peraug d) Sydney

49. “ANTARA” is the news agency of.
a) Sri Linka b) Russia c) Indonesia d) Malyshia

50. The river Danube rises in which country?
a) France b) Denmark c) Germany d) U.K

51. “Silk Air” is an airline of.
a) Germany b) Switzerland c) Singapore d) Vietnam

52. Of where is Amman the capital?
a) Oman b) Qatar c) Jordan d) Lebanon

53. Apiphobia is a fear of what?
a) Darkness b) Height c) Bees d) Birds

54. What is the national airline of Russia?
a) Lufthansa b) Silk Air c) Aeroflot d) Attartas

55. What was the former name for Sri Lanka?
a) Sri Bhagwan Pora b) Lanka c) Ceylon d) Adamia

56. Of where is Sofia the capital?
a) Azerbijan b) Seyria c) Bulgaria d)Oman

57. Great victoria desert is present in
a) Uganda b) Mangolia c) Australia d) China

58. Shahnama was written by:
a) Zafar Ali Khan b) Abu Al Kalam Azad c) Firdausi d) Hafeez Jalandhri

59. “Paradise Regained and Paradise Last” written by
a) Jan Austen b) Tolstoy c) John Milton d) Wolpert

60. The country known as the Land of White Elephant is
a) Nepal b) Bangladesh c) Thailand d) Sri Lanka

61. FORMOSA is the old name of.
a) Leobnan b) Japan c) Taiwan d) Vietnam

62. The coldest planet is
a) Earth b) Venus c) Neptune d) Pluto

63. Unit of work in SI units is
a) Watt b) Mole c) Joule d) Newton

64. ‘Broadway Street’ is famous for
a) Newspaper b) Banking c) Cinema Halls d) Stock Exchange

65. Eagle is the national emblem of
a) Turkey b) France c) Spain d) Germany

66. Hygrometer is used to measure:
67. a) Pressure b) Water c) humidity d) Air

68. The writer of The Spirit of Islam is
a) Molana Muhammad Ali Johar b) Allama Iqbal c) Amir Ali d) Sir. Syed Ali Khan

69. Who wrote India wins Freedom?
a) G.W Chudhary b) Stonly Wolpert c) Maulana Abu’al Kalam Azad d)Amir Ali

70. War and Peace book is written by
a) Wolpert b) Richerd Nixon c) Leo Tolstoy d) Jan Austen

71. Pakistan’s second Governer General and 2nd Prime Minister was?
a) Feroz Khan Noon b) Sikandar Mirza c) Khawaja Nazimuddin d) Chudhary Muhammad Ali

72. Syed Ameer Ali founded Muslim League’s branch at London in.
a) 1905 b) 1907 c) 1908 d) 1909

73. Hottest place is Aziziyah in,
a) Mangolia b) Iran c) Libya d) Egypt

74. National emblem of Pakistan is.
a) Horse b) Star c) Eagle d) Cresent

75. Length of Indus River is
a) 2400 km b) 2700 km c) 2800 km d) 2900 km

76. Saiful Maluk is near
a) Chitral b) Gilgat c) Kaghan d) Naran

77. Qutab Minar is in
a) Lahore b) Lakhnao c) Aagra d) Delhi

78. ‘City of flowers’ is called
a) Muree b) Lahore c) Quetta d) Peshawar

79. Johor strait separates Malaysia from.
a) Sri Lanka b) Nepal c) India d) Singapore

80. Malacca (Indonesia) strait separates Sumatra from Malay Peninsula. It is ______________strait in the world.
a) Tallest b) Smallest c) Largest d) longest

81. First battle of Panipat was fought b/w __________ and Babur in 1526.
a) Sher Shah Sori b) Ghiaasu Din Tughlaq c) Behlol Lodhi d) Ibrahim Lodhi

82. _______________ links Pacific Ocean with Atlantic Ocean.
a) Lyloyed Canal b) Goti Canal c)Suez Canal d) Panama Canal

83. Taklimankan is desert in.
a) Afghanistan b) Iraq c) Iran d) China

84. Cathy Pacific is an airline of.
a) Japan b) S.Korea c) Vietnam d) Hong Kong

85. NAM was founded in
a) 1969 b) 1963 c) 1962 d) 1961

86. SAARC was formed at ___________ in December, 1985.
a) Chittagong b) Karachi c) New Dehli d) Dhaka

87. Ornithology is the Study of
a) Mammals b) Animal c) Bees d) birds

88. Which of the following helps in clotting of blood?
a) Vitamin C b) Vitamin A c) Vitamin D d) Vitamin K

89. Current GST rate
a) 15% b) 18 % c) 16% d) 17%

90. Naqsh-e-Faryadi is written by
a) Altaf Hussain Hali b) Mirza Ghalib c) Habib Jalib d) Faiz Ahmed Faiz

91. Theory of Evolution is by
a) Adam Smith b) Karl Marx c) Newton d) Darwin

92. CM of Baluchistan
a) Muhammad Khan Achakzai b) Parveez Khatak c) Syed Mehdi d) Abdul Malik Balooch

93. Speaker of NA
a) Syed Naveed Qamar b) Rana Iqbal c) Fehmida Mirza d) Ayaz Sadiq

94. Chirman Senat
95. a) Ishaq Dar b) Itazaz Ehsan c) Raja Zafrul Haq d) Niyar Bukhari

96. Chirman PCB
a) Ashraf b) Muhammad Qasim c) Sheryar Khan d) Najam Sethi

97. Current Minister if defense
a) Ch. Nisar Ali b) Farooq Sattar c) Rana Tanveer Ul Hassan d)Khawja Asif

98. Who is the governor general of Punjab
a) Salman Taseer b) Latif Khosa c) Mian Ahmed Mahmood d) Ch.Sarwar

99. Total district of Punjab
a) 28 b) 30 c) 37 d) 36

100.Kala Bagh Dam is in which District
a) Mian Wali b) Nowshehra c) Mansehra d) Chakwal

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