Nadva-Tul-Ulema Lukhnow MCQs


Nadva-Tul-Ulema Lucknow:


  • Nadva-tul-Ulema Lucknow was established by Maulana Abdul Ghafoor, Maulana Shibli Naumani and Maulana Abdul Haq in 1894.
  • Nadva aimed at producing the graduate well versed in both Western knowledge and religious education.

  • Nadva started functioning in 1898 and in the beginning faced financial difficulties which were removed with the progress of time.

  • The nobles of Shah Jehan Pur provided land and then State of Hyderabad in 1900 and Bhopal in 1905 fixed annual grants for this Muslim seat of learning. Later on, the government also sanctioned a monthly grant of 500 rupees for the Nadva.
  • Objectives of The Nadva:

  • Nadva had the following objectives.
  • i) Nadva aimed at the reformation of the Muslims by producing the graduates well equipped with both Western and secular knowledge.
  • ii) One of its main objectives was the promotion of Islamic knowledge and thought.
  • iii) Nadva aimed at the reformation of the curriculum of Islamic education.
  • iv) To end the mutual differences of the Muslim religious scholars.
  • v) To work for the welfare of the Muslims.
  • vi) To evaluate Nadva to the status of Muslim seat of learning where students may be imparted the knowledge of the modern science subjects along with educational knowledge.
  • Darul Musanafeen” Azamgarh was the product of Nadva movement.
  • Maulana Shibli Naumani who was the main force behind the Nadva Movement wrote many books and influences the contemporary writers. “Al-Nadva” was the magazine of Nadva.

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