Basic Computer Science MCQs

Computer Science Mcqs

EDSAC stands for    Electronic Delayed Storage Automatic Computer       
EDVAC stands for    Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer       
EDSAC was developed in the year    1949       
EDVAC was developed in the year    1952       
ENIAC stands for    Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator       
The most successful computing device in the ancient time was    Abacus       
Use of some mechanism for the operation of a machine is known as    Automation       
Radar contact with the moon was first made in    1945       
Radar contact with Venus was first made in    1961       
A system in which information is displayed on a television screen is known as    Video Text System       
A modern means of communication in which the information is stored in a computer at a TV station is known as    Teletext       
Global communication became possible by using    Satellites       
Morse code was invented by    Samuel Morse       
The code used in a teleprinter is the    Baudot Code       
Teleprinter exchange is popularly known as    Telex       
A device which converts sound waves into electrical waves is called    Microphone       
AVC stands for    Automatic Volume Control       
The device used to measure wavelengths of radio waves is    Wavemeter       
A hollow metallic tube used in place of wire in electric circuits carrying high frequency currents is called    Waveguide       
An instrument used to measure the intensity of radiations is the    Radiometer       
An instrument used to measure electrical voltage is the    Voltmeter       
VTVM stands for    Vacuum Tube Volt Meter       
A circuit which maintains a constant voltage is called    Voltage Stabilizer       
SCR stands for    Silicon Controlled Rectifier       
A device used to increase or decrease electric voltageis called a    Transformer       
A magnetic tape that records both audio and video signals is called a    Video Tape       
The first electronic calculator was manufactured in 1963 by    Bell Punch Company,USA       
MASER stands for    Microwave Amplification by stimulated Emission of Radiation       
A computer which can handle a large volume of numbers is called a    Number cruncher       
POST stands for    Power on Self Test       
POST is a test carried out just after the computer has been    Switched on       
An index of the files stored on a disk is called    Directory       
CP/M stands for    Control program for Microcomputers       
CP/M was developed by    digital Research Inc.,USA       
MVS stands for    Multiple Virtual Storage Operating System       
MVS is used in    Mainframe computers       
The process of starting a computer is called    Booting       
A group of four binary digits is called a    NIBBLE       
BPI stands for    Bit per Inch       
A smart card is a    multifunctional microprocessor       
LIPS stands for    Logical Inferences Per Second       
A computerized machine is normally called a    Robot       
A robot is a machine directed by a    Computer       
A robot which resembles a human being is called an    Android       
PL/1 stands for    Programme Language-1       
The language PL/1 has combined features of    COBOL and FORTRAN       
BASIC stands for    Begineers All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code       
COBOL stands for    Common Busines Oriented Language       
ALGOL stands for    Algorithmic Language       
ALGOL was developed in the early 1960s in    Europe       
COBOL was first introduced in the year    1961       
FORTRAN stands for    Formula Translation       
FORTRAN was developed and introduced by IBM in the year    1957       
PL/1 was introduced in the 1960s by     IBM       
COMAL stands for     Common Algorithmic Language       
BASIC was developed by     John Kemeny and Thomas Kurtz       
SNOBOL stands for     String Oriented Symbolic Language       
SNOBOL was developed in     1962       
LISP stands for     List Processing Language       
LISP was developed by     John McCarthy       
Loud speaker was invented by     Rice Kellogg       
PROM stands for     Programmable Read Only Memory       
Two types of RAM chips are     Dynamic,static       
Data is fed into the computer by first converting it into     Binary codes    

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