CSS Islamiat MCQs Test

Islamic Studies MCQs

1.Spain was invaded in 711 AD by ———:

a) Tariq bin Ziyad
b) Abd al Rahman I
c) Khalid bin Walid
d)none of these

2. The al-Qairawan in North Africa was founded in 670 AD by—————:
a) Musa bin Nusayr
b) Suleman I
c) Uqbah
d) none of these

3.The conquests of Hujjaj in the East matched the Western conquests by ———- :

a Musa bin Nusayr
b) Tariq bin Ziyad
c) al-Mutawakkil
d)none of these

4.Abdul Aziz married Egilona, the widow of king Roderick, and named her ———:

a) Umm-Asim
b) Umm-Kulsum
c) Umm-Hani
d)none of these

5.The Umayyad Dynasty was put to an end in the year———-:

a)661 AD
b)750 AD
c)770 AD
d)None of these

6.The Abbasid Dynasty ruled for just over———:

a) two centuries
b) three centuries
c) five centuries
d)none of these

7.Baghdad was put on fire in 1258 AD by ———–

a) The Umayyads
b) The Mongols
c) The Ottomans
d)none of these

8.Musa bin Nusayr was the Governor of———

a) Egypt
b) Spain
c) North Africa
d) none of these

9.The fugitive Umayyad prince reached Spain in the year ————-:

a) 755 AD
b) 750 AD
c) 760 AD
d)none of these

10.The last Umayyad ruler in 750 AD was——–:

a) Hisham
b) Marwan II
c) Yazid III
d) none of these

11.The name of the French King who attacked Spain in 777 AD was ———:

a) Roderick
b) Charlemagne
c) Alfonso
d) none of these

12.Ibn Khuldun is generally known as a——-

a) Mathematician
b) Astronomer
c) Historian
d) None of these

13.The real founder of Umayyad Dynasty in Spain was——-:

a) Tariq bin Ziyad
b) Moosa bin Nysair
c) Abdur Rahman I
d) None of these

14.The Arabs invaded Spain in the year——-

a) 711 AD
b) 750 AD
c) 756 AD
d) None of these

15.Which Caliph recalled Musa bin Nusayr to Damascus——-?

a) al Walid-I
b) Abdul Aziz
c) Abdul Malik
d)None of these

16. Who punished Musa bin Nusayr for invading Spain———?

a) Sulaiman
b) Abdul Aziz
c) Amr Thaqafi
d)None of these

17.After ruling over Spain for one year who refused to give turn to the Yamanites?

a) Abdur Rahman-II
b) al-Hakam
c) Abdur Rahman al-Fehri
d) None of these

18.The new capital established by Abbasid in 835 AD is called —–

a) al-Mansurah
b) Samarra
c) Kufa/Basra
d) none of these

19. Abdur Rahman-II of Spain went out to receive a minstrel called——–

a) Khalid
b) Ziryab
c) Walid
d) None of these

20.Cordova and Baghdad served to the West as main centres for————

a) Rivalry
b) Treasures
c) Learning
d) None of these

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