FPSC Islamiat MCQs Test

Islamic Studies MCQs

1- The longest Sura of the Qur’an is:
(a) Al-Nisa (b) Al-i Imran (c) Al-Baqra (d) Al-Maida (e) None of these

2- Sura al-Nur speaks of:
(a) Wars (b) Mal-i-Ghanimat (c) The Jews (d) Women issues (e) None of these

3- The Holy Qur’an is generally printed in:
(a) Nastaliq script (b) Kufi script (c) Naskh script (d) Shikasta script (e) None of these

4- Imam Bukhari hailed from:
(a) Malaysia (b) India (c) Egypt (d) Turkestan (e) None of these

5- Prophet Muhammad (SAW) while immigrating to Madina took refuge in:
(a) Cave Hira (b) Cave Thaur (c) Dar-i-Arqam (d) Masjid-i-Nabawa (e) None of these

6- Prophet Muhammad (SAW) visited Ghar-i-Hira for:
(a) Recitation (b) Memorization (c) Meetings (d) Meditation/Tahanuth (e) None of these

7- The Najashi King of Habasha with whom the Muslims for the first time took refuge was a:
(a) Jew (b) Hindu (c) Christian (d) Mushrik (e) None of these

8- The duration of social boycott of Muslims in Shi-b abi Talib was for:
(a) 10 Years (b) 5 Years (c) 3 Years (d) 8 Years (e) None of these

9- Sulh-i Hudibiyya was written by:
(a) Hazrat Abu Bakr (b) Hazrat Ali (c) Hazrat Umar (d) Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (e) None of these

10- Aws and Khazraj lived in:
(a) Yemen (b) Makkah (c) Najd (d) Hijaz (e) None of these

11- Aws and Khizraj were:
(a) Money lenders (b) Agriculturalists (c) Nomads (d) Cottage Industrialists (e) None of these

12- The Jewish tribe Banu Qainuqa worked as:
(a) Carpenters (b) Gold Smiths (c) Iron Smiths (d) Farmers (e) None of these

13- Hajjaj bin Yusuf was:
(a) Ummayad (b) Abbasid (c) Ottoman (d) Mughal (e) None of these

14- Saif Allah was the title of:
(a) Hazrat Umar (b0 Hazrat Usman (c) Hazrat Ali (d) Hazrat Khalid bin Walid (e) None of these

15- Hazrat Suhaib belonged to:
(a) Rome (b) Iran (c) Sudan (d) Habasha (e) None of these

16- Abu Sufyan lost his eye in the battle of:
(a) Tabuk (b) Yarmuk (c) Muta (d) Khandaq (e) None of these

17- Byzantium was:
(a) Central Asia (b) Iberian Peninsula (c) Middle East (d) Eastern Rome (e) None of these

18- Sasanids rules:
(a) India (b) Far East (c) Egypt (d) Persian Empire (e) None of these

19- Imam Malik was a famous:
(a) Poet (b) Historian (c) Architect (d) Jurist (e) None of these

20- Literal meaning of word Khilafat-e-Rashida is;
(a) Four Sahaba Caliphs (b) Right guided caliphs (c) Followers (d) Pious people (e) None of these.

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