Solved MCQs General Knowledge about Prophets of Islam

Islamic Studies MCQs
Solved MCQs General Knowledge about Prophets of Islam
Important General Knowledge with Answers about Prophets of Islam 
Moosa was brought up by Aasia Bint Mozahim.
Elder brother of Moosa was Haroon.
Moosa had only one brother.
In Toowa valley Moosa was granted prophethood.
An Egyptian was killed by Moosa.
Haroon was an eloquent speaker.
Haroon is buried at Ohad.
Haroon & Musa both were prophets and contemporaries.
Prophet Ayub suffered from Skin Disease.
Hazrat Ayub was famous for his patience.
The miracle of Dromedary (camel) is concerned with Saleh
4 prophets were sent to Bani Israeel.
722 languages were understood by Hazrat Idrees.
Hazrat Saleh invented Soap.
Kalori: hill, from where Isa was lifted alive.
Zikraiya was carpenter.
Harzat Zikraiya was cut with the Saw.
Adam & Dawood are addressed as Khalifa in Quran.
Sulaiman & Dawood understood language of the birds.
The tree of date palm grew on the earth for the first time.
At Hanif mosque at Mina almost 70 prophets are buried.
Prophets attached with the profession of weaving are Adam, Idrees & Shaeet.
Hazrat younus was eaten by a Big Fish/Whale fish.
Younus prayed LAILAH ANTA SUBHANAK INI KUNTUM MINAZALIMIN in the belly of fish.
Grave of Dawood is in Israel.
Yahya’s tomb is in Damascus.
Bilal Habshi is buried in Damascus.
Prophet with melodious voice Dawood.
Alive prophets are Isa & Khizr.
Zunoon (lord of fish) & Sahibul Hoot : Younus.
The prophet whose people were last to suffer divine punishment Saleh.
Suleiman died while standing with the support of a stick.
Ashab-e-Kahf slept for 309 years.
The number of Ashab-e-Kahf was 7.
Saleh invented soap.
Idrees was expert in astronomy.
Prophet before Muhammad was Isaac.
Hazrat Essa (A.S) was carpenter by profession.
Besides Essa, Yahya also got prophet hood in childhood.
Baitul Laham is the birth Place of Hazrat Essa (AS) is situated in Jerusalaem.
Isa would cure the victims of leprosy.
Zakria was contemporary of Isa.
Isa was the cousin of Yahya.
Romans kingdom was established in Palestine at Esa’s birth.
Romans were Atheists.
Ruler of Palestine at the birth of Esa was Herod.
Maryum grew up in the house of Zakaiyya.
Besides Esa , Adam was also a fatherless prophet.
Esa born at Bethlehem.
Esa was born in 4 B.C.
Yahaya was the precursor of Eessa.
Contemporary of Yahya was Eessa.
Yahya is buried at Syria.
Our prophet has the title Habibullah.
Prophet Dawood has the title Najeeb Ullah.
Prophet Jesus crist is called Rooh-ul-Ullah.
Tur-e-Sina was the mountain where Hazrat Musa (AS) received Allah’s message.
Hazrat Musa was Kalimullah.
Science, astronomy, writing with pen, sewing and weapons were made by Idrees first of all.
30 Sahifay was revealed to Idrees.

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