CSS Syllabus of British History Papers

CSS Syllabus for all Subjects
Part –I (Marks 50)
I. The Glorious Revolution (1688)
Causes, and Results
William III and Mary II (1689-1702)
Queen Anne (1702-1714)
II. Hanoverian Era (1714-1790)
Jacobite Rebellions (1715 and 1745)
Robert Walpole and Whig Oligarchy
American War of Independence (1776)
III. The Union of England and Scotland
IV. Union of England and Ireland
V. The Old Colonial system
VI. The French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars Causes
Britain and Napoleonic Wars
Impact on Britain
VII. Industrial and Agricultural Revolution
Effects on Political and Social Life of Britain
Party Politics
The Methodist Movement
Chartest Movement
VIII. Robert Peel and return of Torries
Internal policies
Irish Problem
IX. Victorian Era (1837-1901)
Internal Reforms
Foreign Policy
Disraeli, Gladstone and Problems in Ireland
Revised Scheme and Syllabus for CSS Competitive Examination-2016
Great Britain and Free Trade
X. Edwardian Era (1901-1910)
Domestic and Foreign Policies (1901-1910)
The Origins of Labor Party
XI. Britain, World War I and its Aftermath
Britain and Peace settlement
Effects of War on Britain
League of Nations
The Great Depression
Appeasement and Rearmament
Part –II (Marks 50)
XII. Britain ,World War II and its Aftermath
Causes and events
Churchill, War Conferences
Creation of U.N.O
Effects of war
Reforms of Labour Government
XIII. Great Britain and Cold War
Creation of Common Wealth
Decolonization of the British Empire
Internal Policies and EEC
Foreign Policy
XIV. Thatcherism to Cameroun (1979-2012)
Internal Policy
Society and culture
Foreign Policy
Falkland War
John Major and his Policies
European Common Market and the Great Britain
Formation of EU
Tony Blair “New Labour” Economic Crunch, War on Terror and his Policies
Global Financial Crisis 2008 and the Great Britain
Reforms under Cameroun

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