CSS Town Planning Urban Management Paper Syllabus

CSS Syllabus for all Subjects
I. Definition of Town Planning, Goals and objectives of Town Planning: Town
Planning as a multi-disciplinary approach and relationship of Town Planning with
other professions.
II. Historical Perspective of Urban Planning: Planning of historical towns in the
world. Examples of planned towns in Europe, Nile Valley region, Euphrates and
Tigris Valley region and Indus Valley region (Mohenjodaro, Harappa, Kot Diji and
Mehr Garh) and Gandhara Civilization.
III. Urban Rural Differences and Hierarchy of Settlements: Urbanization and its
effects on the environment of urban areas.
IV. History of planning in Pakistan: 5 year plans.
V. Managing Urbanization
How to manage urbanization
Best Practices
Land use classification policy
Building and development control
Removal of encroachments
Introduction to Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
VI. Housing community and Economic Development: To prepare professionals with
the skills and knowledge of equitable development. Commitment to expanding
opportunities and providing quality life for disadvantaged groups.
VII. Public Policy and Urban Design Management: Solving social and environmental
problems using:
a. Economics
b. Policy analysis
c. Political science
d. Urban Design
VIII. Sustainability, Environmental Policy and Planning: How society conserves and
manages its natural resources and works to promote development.
IX. Urban Information Systems: Use of planning related software and spatial analysis
tools and systems i.e GIS.

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