Current Affairs MCQs Notes for PPSC and NTS Tests

Current Affairs MCQS

1) the first constructed barrage of pakistan is
a) jinnah barrage
b) sukkur barrage
c) tunssa barrage
d) none of these

2) where was jesus christ born?
A) iraq
b) jerusalem
c) mecca
d) none of these

3) raw is an abbreviation of
a) radical army wing
b) research and warning
c) research and analysis wing
d) none of these

4) who was the first viceroy of india?
A) lord ripon
b) lord canning
c) lord curzon
d) none of these

5) according to roussean legitimate political authority is based on
a) slavery
b) force
c) social conduct
d) none of these

6) east india company was established in
a) 1603
b) 1602
c) 1600
d) none of these

7) british government sold kashmir to gulab sing in
a) 1846
b) 1845
c) 1843
d) none of these

8) gymmanphobia is the fear of
a) nudity
b) gyms
c) hotels
d) none of these

9) mac moban is the border between
a) india and china
b) india and nepal
c) india an bangladesh
d) none of these

10) places experincing equal impact of an earthquake are called
a) snowlines
b) seismic belts
c) seismic lines
d) none of these

11) which is the deepest ocean in the world
a) arctic
b) atlantic
c) pacific
d) none of these

12) largest airport of the world is
a) newyork airport
b) frankfurt airport
c) dubai airport
d) none of these

13) “wafa” news agency belongs to
a) palestine
b) jordan
c) syria
d) none of these

14) “fbi” of america was established in
a) 1901
b) 1902
c) 1903
d) none of these

15) who was the founder of republican party of usa
a) alexander hamiltion
b) franklin roosevelt
c) george washington
d) none of these

16) who was the first chief minister of baluchistan from may 1972 to february 1973?
A) sher bux murree
b) sardar attaullah mengal
c) nawab akbar bugti
d) none of these

17) who was the first muslim chief of air staff of pakistan?
A) air marshal asghar khan
b) air marshal noor khan
c) air marshal feroz khan
d) none of these

18) which country is the biggest producer of uranium in the world?
A) france
b) south africa
c) canda
d) none of these

19) in pakistan the first martial law was imposed on
a) august 1956
b) september 1956
c) october 1956
d) none of these

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