English Complete the sentences

English Literature
(11) Knowledge is like a deep well fed by _________ springs, and your mind is a little bucket that you drop in it.
a. External b. Perennial c. Immortal d. Lovely

(12) The unruly behaviour of children _________ their parents
a. Aggrieved b. Impeached c. Incensed d. Tempered

(13) He suggests that the meeting _______ postponed
a. Is b. Be c. Must d. Would be

(14) The landscape was truly_____, so arid that even the Hardest Plant could not survive
a. Lurid b. Parched c. Verdant d. Variegated

(15) His statement was so________ that everyone was left in doubt
a. Equitable b. Innocuous c. Dogmatic d. Equivocal

(16) I certainly do not______ your driving your car over the speed limit
a. Approve in b. Approve with c. Approve of d. Approve for

(17) The Eagle swooped and ______ a sleeping lizard
a. Carried down b. Carried up c. Carried off d. Carried in

(18) A young officer was _______ the task of taking prisoners to the rear
a. Charged by b. Charged in c. Charged for d. Charged with

(19) It seemed he was going to _____ him but he controlled himself
a. Lash out at *b. Lash out in *c. Lash out to *d. Lash out on

(20) I am not going to _____ this book at any cost
a. Part from b. Part up c. Part for d. Part with

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