NTS Solved MCQs Notes of English

English Literature

Meaning: showing or expressing thanks, especially to another person
Use in sentence: I’m so grateful (to you) for all that you’ve done.

Meaning: to please someone, or to satisfy a wish or need
Use in sentence: We were gratified by the response to our appeal.

Meaning: describes something that is created by and exists only in the mind; that is not real
Use in sentence: As a child I had an imaginary friend called Polly.

Meaning: of, relating to, or characterized by imagination
Use in sentence: The architects have made imaginative use of glass and transparent plastic.

Meaning: not being careful or giving enough attention to people or things that are your responsibility
Use in sentence: The judge said that the teacher had been negligent in allowing the children to swim in dangerous water.

Meaning: too slight or small in amount to be of importance
Use in sentence: The difference between the two products is negligible.

Meaning: to stop from being angry
Use in sentence: The Canaanites had many gods and they ran here, there and everywhere to placate these gods.

Meaning: capable of being recognized
Use in sentence: An easy thing you could do is making clocks placeable on walls.

Meaning: unwilling to be controlled or be patient
Use in sentence: The audience was becoming restive as they waited for the performance to begin.

Meaning: unwilling or unable to stay still or to be quiet and calm, because you are worried or bored
Use in sentence: He’s a restless type – he never stays in one country for long.

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