English Literature Solved MCQs notes for Nts Test

English Literature
1- Lyrical Ballads opens with;
a- Tintern Abbey
b- Michael
c- Dejection: an Ode
d- Rime of Ancient Mariner e- Immortality Ode.

2- Besides the French Revolution the effect on Romantic Revolution:
a- American Revolution
b- Napoleonic wars
c- Industrial Revolution
d- Peasant’s Revolt
e- The defeat of the Spanish armada.

3- William Blake’s /Song’s of ———-‘ counterbalance his ‘Songs of Experience’.
A- Love
b- childhood
c- past
d- Inexperience
e- Innocence

4- Geraldine is a character of the poem;
a- Lucy Grey
b- The Thorn
c- Christabel
d- Frost at midnight
e- the last of the flock

5- ‘kubla khan’ is a poem which reflects a———strain in Choleridge’s poetry.
A- Intellectual
b- magical
c- melancholic
d- pessimistic
e- philosophical

6- Keats’ poem Endymion is based on —— mythology.
A- Greek
b- Roman
c- celtic
d- Scandanavian
e- Indian

7- Byrob’s journey to Spain, Malta, Albania and Greece resulted in the production of the first two cantos of his poem:
a- cain
b- childe Herald’s Pilgrimage
c- Don Juan
d- the prisoner of Chillon
e- The Seige of Corinth

8- In Don Juan Byron used:
a- blank verse
b- couplets
c- ottava rima
d- refrain
e- terza rima

9- Shelley was expelled from the Oxford University on the charge of being a(n):
a- anarchist
c- commonist
d- nazi
e- traitor

10- Adonais was an elegy Shelley wrote in 1821 on the death of:
a- Keats
b- Byron
c- Arthur Hugh Clough
d- Thomas Love Peacock
e- William Hazlit

11- Confessions of an English Opium Eater was written by:
a- Charles Lamb
b- John Ruskin
c- Maria Edgeworth
d- Thomas Carlyle
e- Thomas
e Quencey

12- Elia was the pseudonym used by Charles Lamb for getting his works published in:
a- London magazine
b- The New York Times
c- The Mirror
d- The spectator
e- the Sun

13- Tennyson created a medieval world in his poem:
a- in memoriam
b- the lady of Shalott
c- the lotus eaters
d- tithonus
e- Ulyssess

14- Arthur Hugh Clough became an inspiration for Mathew Arnold’s work:
a- the buried life
b- dover beach
c- culture and anarchy
d- the scholor gypsy
e- essays on criticism

15- ————- is an attack by Ruskin on the Philistines.
A- modern painters
b- stones of Venice
c- seven lamps of architecture
e- praeterita

16- Dickens’ first novel which focused on the specific social ills was:
a- the Christmas carol
b- david copperfield
c- great expectatios
d-oliver twist
e- a tale of two cities

17- G Eliot’s novels show her concern for the character’s———– problems.
A- economic
b- moral
d- spiritual e social

18- Dickens’ novels combine——— and melodrama.
A- journalism
c- satire
d- science
e- religion

19- The first which Charlotte Bronte wrote was:
a- Emily
b- jane eyre
c- Shirley
d- the professor
e- villette

20- Oscar Wilde’s novel published in 1891 was entitled as:
a- the picture of dorian grey
b- the importance of being earnest
c- lady windermere’s fan
d- a woman of no importance
e- salome

Paper 2

1- Which novel is not written by Jane Austen?
A- Emma b- the chimes c- Persuation d- Mansfield Park e- none these
2- Shaw wrote more than:
a- 30 plays b- 40 plays c- 50 plays d- 60 plays e- none of these
3- Shaw died at the age of:
a- 75 b- 85 c- 95 d- 105 e- none of these
4- Jack Worthing is a character created by:
a- Shaw b- Dickens c- Browning d- Hardy e- none of these
5- Adam Bede is a:
a- Play b- Novel c- short storey d- Poem e- none of these
6- Dickens sprang to fame with a publication of:
a- Hard Times b- David Copperfield c- pickwick papers d- Great Expectations e- none of these
7- Who served as an Irish senator for two terms?
A- Wilde b- Shaw c- Ibsen d- Yeats e- none of these
8- John Bull’s Other Island is written by:
a- Shaw b- Wilde c- Hemingway d- Beckett e- none of these
9- Lilliputians symbolize excessive human:
a- Jealousy b- confidence c- pride d- Ego e- none of these
10- Houyhnhnms represent life governed by sense and:
a- moderation b- patience c- understanding d- compromise e-none of these
11- Cordelia’s chief characteristic is her:
a- beauty b- devotion c- sympathy d- kindness e- none of these
12- Henry Higgins is a character in:
a- Pygmalian b- saint joan c- major Barbara d- candida e-none of these
13- Eliot worked for Faber and Faber as a/an:
a- assistant b- director c- writer d- editor e- none of these
14- Wordsworth was appointed as poet Laureate in:
a- 1843 b-1844 c-1845 d-1846 e- none of these
15- Hemingway was a great fan of:
a- Cricket b- baseball c- softball d- football e- none of these
16- Jude the Obscure is a:
a- comedy b- tragedy c- tragic-comedy d- black comedy e- none of these
17- Eliot was influenced by:
a- Ezra Pound b- shaw c- Hardy d- Wilde e- none of these
18- Who became the poet Laureate of England and Ireland during the reign of Queen Victoria?
A- Tennyson b- Browning c- Hardy d- Lawrence e- none of these
19- Hemingway also worked as a:
a- Carpenter b- Painter c- surgeon d- Driver e- none of these
20- “Tales from Shakespeare” is written by:
a- Shakespeare b- Lamb c- Lawrence d- Mary anne evans e- none of these

Paper-1 Answers

1-a 2-c 3-e 4-c 5-a 6-a 7-b 8-c 9-b 10-a 11-e 12-a 13-e 14-d 15-a 16-c 17-b 18-c 19-b 20-e

Paper 2 Answers

1-b 2-d 3-c 4-b(not confirmed) 5-b 6-c 7-d 8-a 9-a(not confirmed) 10-a 11-b 12-a 13-d 14-a 15-b 16-b 17-a 18-a 19-d 20-b

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