NTS Sample Pedagogy Solved MCQs for ESE SESE SSE


 1. In the teaching of grammar, Inductive learning is:
  1. A.           Grammatical explanations or rules are presented and then applied through practice in exercises.
  2. B.           Grammatical rules are less stressed in the first stage but later given more importance.
  3. C.           The knowledge which is deducted from the already known language and then the grammatical rules are applied.
  4. D.          Learners are presented with examples. They then discover or apply language rules and principles on their own.
  5. E.           Emphasis on rules and grammatical paradigms proved as off-putting as behaviorist rote drilling.
2. Corporal punishment means:
  1. A.           Isolation of the student
  2. B.           Physical punishment
  3. C.           Temporary termination from school
  4. D.          Scolding the student
  5. E.           Humiliation of the students in front of other students
3. In a lecture a teacher should present the students with examples of:
  1. A.           foreign cultures
  2. B.           familiar daily life experiences
  3. C.           imaginary scenarios
  4. D.          unfamiliar objects and ideas
  5. E.           remote areas
4. In Testing, ‘Feedback to Students’ refers to:
  1. A.           Help students in studies
  2. B.           Help students in preparing for examination
  3. C.           Let students know about test-pattern
  4. D.          Do not let students know about test-result
  5. E.           Let students know about test-results

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