English MCQS for CSS

English Literature

Q.1. Select the best option/answer and fill in the appropriate box on the Answer Sheet. (20)
(i)  Wordsworth was appointed Poet Laureate in:
(a) 1817 (b) 1839 (c) 1843
(d) 1849 (e) None of these
(ii)  Who suggested Shelley to “Curb your magnanimity and be more of a poet’?
(a) Wordsworth (b) Coleridge (c) Keats
(d) Blake (e) None of these
(iii)  The lines ‘The one remains, the many change and pass; Heaven’s light for ever shines, earth’s
shadow fly; are composed by:
(a) Shelley (b) Byron (c) Keats
(d) Southey (e) None of these
(iv)  ‘On Pathetic Fallacy’ was written by:
(a) Carlyle (b) Lamb (c) Ruskin
(d) Shelley (e) None of these
(v)  The 1805 text of ‘The Prelude’ is edited by:
(a) Helen Darbishire (b) ErnestDe Selin Court (c) Herbert Reads
(d) Coleridge (e) None of these
(vi)  ‘The Lay of the Last Ministerel’ is written by:
(a) Blake (b) Byron (c) Tennyson
(d) Walter Scott (e) None of these
(vii)  __________ the quality when man is capable of being in uncertainities, mysteries, doubts, without
any irritable reaching after fact and reason’ ___ is:
(a) Objectivity (b) Subjectivity (c) Negative capability
(d) Scepticism (e) None of these
(viii)  ‘The Quarterly Review’ was founded by:
(a) Walter Scott (b) Byron (c) Coleridge
(d) Thomas De Quincey (e) None of these
(ix)  ‘Mansfield Park’ is a novel by:
(a) Katherine Mansfield (b) Emily Bronte (c) George Eliot
(d) Jane Austen (e) None of these
(x)  ‘I am half sick of shadows’ is a line from:
(a) Shelley (b) Wordsworth (c) Coleridge
(d) Tennyson (e) None of these
(xi)  Adonais is an elegy on the death of:
(a) Moschus (b) Edward William (c) Jhon Keats
(d) Shakespeare (e) None of these
(xii)  ‘Poetry is the criticism of life’ is a view about poetry by:
(a) Arnold (b) Dr. Jhonson (c) Shelley
(d) Hazlitt (e) None of these
(xiii)  ‘The Pickwick Papers’ by Dickens was published in:
(a) 1837 (b) 1838 (c) 1839
(d) 1841 (e) None of these
(xiv)  ‘On Heroes and Hero-worship is written by:
(a) Huxley (b) Carlyle (c) Ruskin
(d) Mill (e) None of these
(xv)  Dickens, Thackray, George Eliot and Trollope are:
(a) Novelists (b) Poets (c) Critics
(d) Essayists (e) None of these
(xvi)  ‘The Voyage of the Beagle’ was written by:
(a) J.S. Mill (b) Ruskin (c) Carlyle
(d) Darwin (e) None of these
(xvii)  Who gave the aesthetic theory of Art For Arts’ Sake:
(a) Wordsworth (b) Browning (c) Oscarwilde
(d) Galsworthy (e) None of these
(xviii) “Poetry is not like reasoning, a power to be exerted according to the determination of will”, is a
statement by:
(a) Wordswoth (b) Shelley (c) Coleridge
(d) Arnold (e) None of these
(xix)  ‘A woman of no importance’ is a ______ by Oscarwilde:
(a) Comedy (b) Tragedy (c) Dramatic Romance
(d) Farce (e) None of these
(xx)  George Eliot and T.S. Eliot are:
(a) Brother & Sister (b) Contemporary writers (c) Modern poets
(d) Critics (e) None of these

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