English Synonyms MCQs Notes

English Literature
(1) Breach
a. Secret b. Reinforcement c. Difficulty d. Opening

(2) Gelid
a. Hot b. Soft c. Icy cold d. Hard

(3) Opulent
a. Corrupt b. Poor c. Proud d. Luxuriant

(4) Verisimilitude
a. Large number b. Variety c. Shades of colurs d. Being true

(5) Iota
a. Agreement b. Coin c. Column d. Small amount

Q1(b) – Antonyms

(6) Despise
a. Abhor b. Disdain c. Demolish d. Admire

(7) Lackey
a. Strange b. Poor c. Master d. Ignorant

(8) Egress
a. Decline b. Entrance c. Rude d. Angry

(9) Amalgamate
a. Punish b. Study c. Separate d. Reduce

(10) Insipid
a. Silly b. Tasty c. Active d. Thin

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