General Knowledge About Planet Mars and Jupiter

Everyday Science MCQs


• Distance form sun 228 million kms.
• Revolution period 687 days.
• Rotation period 24 h, 37 min and 22 sec.
• It has two moons Phobos and Deimos.
• Its diameter is 6794 kms.
• Mars is covered with red dust.
• It has an atmosphere composed almost entirely of CO2.
• Its average temperature is -53 0C.


• Its distance from sun is 778 million kms.
• Revolution period 12 years.
• Rotation period 9h, 50min, and 30 sec. (smallest day)
• It has 63 moons.
• It is the largest planet of the solar system.
• It has the largest number of satellites.
• Its diameter is 1, 24,800 kms.
• Its diameter is eleven times greater than the earth’s diameter.
• It has a dense, cloudy atmosphere of hydrogen and helium.
• It has a rock-iron-ice core about 15, 000 km (9,000 miles) thick.
• Jupiter radiates 67% more heat than it receives from the sun. this is mainly due to dissipation of the primordial heat of the planet.

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