General Knowledge About Planet Saturn Uranus and Neptune

Everyday Science MCQs


In 1610, Galileo became the first person to look at Saturn through telescope.

• Distance from Sun 1427 million kms.
• Revolution period 30 years.
• Rotation period 10h, 14 mins.
• It has 62 moons.
• The largest moon of Saturn is the Titan and it is the second-largest moon in the solar system. Titan is larger than the planet Mercury.
• It is the second largest planet.
• It has a magnificent system of rings.
• Its diameter is 1, 20, 000 km.


When sky is very dark and very clear Uranus can be seen with the naked eyes. The planet was discovered by William Herschel in March 1787.

• Its distance from Sun is 2869.9 million kms.
• Revolution period is 84 years.
• Rotation period is 16h, and 10 mins.
• It has 27 moons.
• Titania is the largest moon of Uranus.
• It has an atmosphere which is dominated by hydrogen and helium.
• Its diameter is 52, 400 km.


Neptune was discovered by the German astronomer Johann Galle.

• Distance from Sun 4496, 6 million kms.
• Revolution period 165 years (largest year)
• Rotation period 18 hours.
• Neptune has 13 moons that we know of. The largest moon is Triton.
• It is the coldest planet.
• It is the slowest to move around the sun.
• Its diameter is 49,100 kms.
• It is known as the twin of Uranus due to their similarity of size, mass and composition.

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