General Knowledge About Prophets of Islam

Islamic Studies MCQs

  1. Hood was the uncle of Ibraheem.
  2. A dreadful earthquake was sent to people of Luut.
  3. Native area of Ibraheem was Mesopotamia.
  4. Surname of Terah was Aazar.
  5. Father of Yaaqoob and Esau was Ishaq.
  6. Father-in-law of Ayyoob was Yaqoob.
  7. Ishaq is buried in Palestine.
  8. Age of Ishaq when he was blessed with twins was 60 Y.
  9. Yunus was the twin brother of Yaaqoob.
  10. Prophet bestowed with kingship of Allah: Dawood.
  11. Dawood was a soldier of Talut.
  12. Dawood lived in Bait-ul-Lahm.
  13. Talut was also known as Saul.
  14. Dawood is buried at Jerusalem.
  15. Youngest son of Dawood was Sulaymaan.
  16. Mother of Sulayman was Saba.
  17. Sulayman ascended the throne of Joodia.
  18. Sulaymaan was a great lover of horses.
  19. The ruler of Yemen in the time of Sulayman was Saba.
  20. Hud Hud informed Sulyman about the kingdom of
  21. Saba means Bilqees.
  22. Whose kingdom came under a famine in the times of Ilyas: King of Ahab.
  23. Ilyas’s nation worshipped idol namd Lal.
  24. Ilyas disappeared mysteriously.
  25. Successor of Ilyas was Al-ya-sah.
  26. Cousin of Al-ya-Say who was prophet was Ilyas.
  27. Uzair remained died for 100 years.
  28. For 18 years Ayyoob suffered from skin disease.
  29. Real name of Zull Kifl is Isaih and Kharqil bin Thauri.
  30. Yunus died in Nineveh.
  31. Father of Yahya was Zakariyya.
  32. Trustee of Hekal was Zakiriyya.
  33. Zakariya hid himself in the cover of the tree and was cut into two pieces by Jews.
  34. Maryum lived at Nazareth before Esa’s birth.
  35. Maryum migrated to Egypt after Esa’s birth.
  36. Number of Hawarin of Moosa was 12.
  37. Jews and Romans were worried about Esa’s influence.
  38. First prophet to demarcate Masjid-e-Aqsaa was Ishaaq.
  39. Dawood’s real name was Abar.
  40. Ahsan ul Qasas is the life history of hazrat Yousif.
  41. Nebuchadnezzer was ruler of Babylon, he founded Hanging garden which is one of the wonders of the world.
  42. Qaidar was one of the sons of Ismail who stayed at Hijaz.
  43. Idrees used the first pen.
  44. Four Ambiyah are still physically alive they are Esa and Idrees in the skies and Khidr and Ilyaas are on the earth.

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