General Knowledge PMS 2016-2017

47.    The shape of our milky way galaxy is
48.    The coldest planet of solar system is
49.    BIMAN is the divine of
50.    38th parallel line is a boundary wall between is
51.    Percentage of oxygen is atmosphere
52.    Brightest planet of solar system
53.    The planet with shortest day time
54.    Insulin is produced in
55.    Who discovered dynamite
56.    How far is dead sea below Medeterian
57.    Laws of heredity were discovered by
58.    Abdul salaam got Nobel prize in year
59.    The longest river in country
60.    Who was Everest
61.    Christopher belongs  to
62.    Annual average flow of water in Indus
63.    Where is world biggest  hydel power generation
64.    IMF and world bank created by agreement
65.    Spain surrendered to Christians in year
66.    Who is not member of first cabinet of Pakistan
67.    Basher al asad is by faith is
68.    Barak obama father belongs to
69.    Blind dolphins are found in
70.    Who was captain of Pakistan cricket tean in 1954
71.    Year when Pakistan won first Olympic gold medal
72.    Who was PM Pakistan in 1958
73.    PIA started first international flight
74.    Present deputy chairman of planning commission
75.    Present secretary general of UNO is from
76.    High cash balance US company
77.    Father of modern science fiction
78.    District magistrate office abolished through
79.    Indian railway started
80.    1896 Greece Olympic started in month
81.    Who won grand slam in tennis twice
82.    Where is hanging garden of baby lone
83.    Sputnik 1 launched date
84.    Newton belongs to
85.    Turnip is a root described as
86.    Who discovered penicillin
87.    What is operation smiling budha
88.    Allama iqbal book translated Persian to urdu
89.    Indian musilmans written by
90.    War of 1857 started from town
91.    Sahaba martyred in badr
92.    Land locked country
93.    Where is tehrir square
94.    Where is bin ghazi city
95.    Nile originates from lake
96.    Where is Greenwich
97.    Current us president’s party
98.    Current OIC secretary general
99.    Cpack started on
100.    Who  current us secretary of foreign affairs

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