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General Knowledge Questions related to Science Online Pracice Test Free. 
GK Questions related to science with answers.

Light year is a unit of:

a) Distance (Correct Answer)

b) Time Period

c) Light intensity

d) Time

e) None of these


Three elements needed for the healthy growth of plants are:

a) N,P,K (Correct Answer)

b) N,C,P

c) N,K,C

d) N,S,P

e) None of these



In winter, an iron pipe feels colder than a wooden window.
This is because wood is:

a) Conductor

b) Insulator (Correct Answer)

c) Semi-conductor

d) Not a solid while iron is a solid

e) None of these


The echo (reflected sound) will be distinctly heard only at
ordinary temperatures if the distance of the reflecting surfaces from the
source of sound is at least:

a) 1120 ft

b) 120 ft

c) 56 ft (Correct Answer)

d) 100 ft

e) None of these



A six-feet tall lady wants to see her full image in a plane
mirror. The minimum length of the mirror will be:

a) 6 feet

b) 12 feet

c) 4 feet

d) 3 feet (Correct Answer)

e) None of these



In a fission nuclear reaction, a heavy nucleus breaks up
into smaller nuclei, whereas in another nuclear reaction, two or more than two
possibly nuclei are fused to form a heavy nucleus. This nuclear reaction is

a) Chemical Reaction

b) Nuclear reaction

c) Fission nuclear reaction

d) Fusion nuclear reaction (Correct Answer)

e) None of these


Parsec is a unit of:

a) Energy

b) Time

c) Power

d) Distance (Correct Answer)

e) None of these


German Silver is an alloy of:

a) Zn + Ni

b) Cu + Zn (Correct Answer)

c) Cu + Ni

d) Cu + Sn

e) None of these



The temperature of the dead body is:

a) 0 ‘C

b) 37 ‘ (Correct Answer)

c) Room temperature

d) Temperature of the place where it is kept

e) None of these


(35) Kilowatt-hour is a unit of:


a) Power (Correct Answer)

b) Electric Current

c) Energy

d) Time

e) None of these


Fuel used in a Fast Breeder Reactor is:


a) Uranium Oxide

b) Uranium Plutonium carbide

c) Uranium Plutonium Oxide (Correct Answer)

d) Uranium thorium Oxide

e) None of these


Monsoon is caused by:


a) Seasonal reversal of winds (Correct Answer)

b) Revolution of earth

c) Movement of clouds

d) Rise in temperature

e) Rain forests


Which of the following atmospheric layers help in radio


a) Exosphere

b) Ionosphere (Correct Answer)

c) Troposphere

d) Stratosphere

e) Ozone layer


A moderator is used in a nuclear reactor in order to:


a) Accelerate the neutrons

b) Slow down the speed of the neutrons (Correct Answer)

c) Increase the number of electrons

d) Decrease the number of electrons

e) None of these


Sedimentary rocks are:


a) Porous

b) Hard

c) Rough

d) Brittle

e) Volcanic (Correct Answer)


Which one of the following is a non-metallic mineral?


a) Manganese

b) Magnesium

c) Gypsum (Correct Answer)

d) Bauxite

e) None of these


The ozone layer prevents the following radiation from
entering the atmosphere:


a) Infra-red

b) Ultraviolet (Correct Answer)

c) X-rays

d) Gamma rays

e) None of these


The phenomenon of Aurora Borealis, the display of red
and green lights in the northern hemisphere, is due to radiations from:


a) Ionosphere (Correct Answer)

b) Troposphere

c) Mesosphere

d) Stratosphere

e) None of these



Oasis is associated with:


a) Glaciers

b) Desert (Correct Answer)

c) Islands

d) Volcanoes

e) Fertile land


Quartz crystal in quartz watches work on the principle


a) Photoelectric effect

b) Stark effect

c) Thermionic effect

d) Piezo-electric effect (Correct Answer)

e) None of these


The fruits without seeds, like banana, are called:


a) Seedless fruits

b) Parthenogenesis fruits

c) Parthenocarpic fruits (Correct Answer)

d) Plac

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