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Which city is also known as the “City of Canals”?

Answer: Venice


Through which country does the river Wangchu flow?

Answer: Myanmar


What is the name of the largest island in the world?

Answer: Greenland


Which city is considered the biggest center for the
manufacture of automobiles worldwide?

Answer: Detroit, USA


Which country is the largest producer of manganese globally?

Answer: China and South Africa


Which country is the largest producer of rubber worldwide?

Answer: Malaysia


Which country holds the title of the largest producer of tin
in the world?

Answer: China


Which river carries the maximum quantity of water into the

Answer: Amazon River


What city was once known as the “Forbidden City”?

Answer: Beijing (formerly known as Peking)


Which country is referred to as the “Land of the Rising

Answer: Japan


After whom was Mount Everest named?

Answer: Sir George Everest


In which country is the volcano Vesuvius located?

Answer: Italy


Which country is known as the “Sugar Bowl of the

Answer: Cuba


What is the length of the Suez Canal?

Answer: 162.5 kilometers


Where can the lowest point on earth be found?

Answer: The coastal area of the Dead Sea


Which group of people are considered the original
inhabitants of Nepal?

Answer: The Gurkhas


What is the name of the largest ocean in the world?

Answer: Pacific Ocean


Which bell holds the record for being the largest in the
world and can be found at Kremlin, Moscow?

Answer: Tsar Kolokol


Which stadium is recognized as the biggest in the world and
is located in Prague?

Answer: Strahov Stadium


Which country is the world’s largest producer of diamonds?

Answer: South Africa

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