GK Exam Practice Test

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GK Exam Practice Test online solved mock test free. General knowledge exam practice test questions.

1. By whom was the Bahmani Kingdom founded?

2. Kiel Canal connect which seas?

Baltic Sea and North Sea

3. How many number of chamber are found in the heart of Mammal?

4. Why are In the northern hemisphere, currents deflected to their right?
Due to coriolis force

5. Who is credited with the invention of Algebra?

6. Which branch of biology deals with study of heredity and variation?

7. How type of right is Right to Information?
Fundamental right

8. Why was Mashelkar Committee constituted?
Auto fuel policy

9. Which branch of biology in which we-study about cultivation of flowering plant?

10. Ministers in a State get salaries, by whom is it as determined?
State Legislature

11. Which State of India, has the oldest rock formations in the country?

12. Who was associated with Kakori Conspiracy case?

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