Geography MCQs

1- More determined and driven work ethics due to frequent variability in the weather of the:
a) Higher Latitudes b) Middle Latitudes c) Lower Latitudes d) None of these

2- Equational Paradox is an aspect of:
a) Cultural Geography b) Regional Geography c) Economic Geography d) None of these

3- Cliamtic determinism was intensely studied by:
a) Ellsworth Huntington b) Carl O Saver c) Carl Marx d) None of these

4- Environmental Problems must all be understood via:
a) Physical Processes b) Social Processes c) Commercial Process d) None

5-The study of the number of population and its variations in time and space is called:
a) Population Dynamics b) Population Density c) Population Distribution d) None

6- Rapid Population growth in Urban areas perpetuates:
a) Crimes b) safety Issues c) Poverty d) None of these

7- Sustainability of human settlements have become a matter of:
a) Global Concern b) Continental Concern c) Regional Concern d) None

8- Settlements can be ordered by size or other factors to define:
a) Morphology b) Landscape c) Hierarchy d) None of these

9- South Asian agriculture is considered to be:
a) Intensive b) substence c) Extensive d) None

10- Appalachian Industrial area hosts:
a) Iron and Steel b) Textiles c) Chemicals d) None

11- Turkey possess plenty of:
a) Power resources b) Mineral Resources c) Water Resources d) None

12- What had historicaly made geography unique was its attention to systematic description of areal variation said by:
a) Hart Shorne b) Charles Fisher c) Ann Buttimer d) None

13-Indus Water Treaty Projects were financed by:
a) Asian Development Bank b) World Bank c) Former EEC d) None

14- Ninety percent of Russia is north of the:
a) 60th Paralle b) 55th Parallel c) 50 Parallel d) None

15- Before 1950, Famine was a harsh reality in:
a) Poland b) Portugal c) India d) None

16- Waterways are common transport means in Bengal for carrying:
a) Tea b) Jute c) Animals d) none

17- Greek Culture and power expanded into the near and Middle East during:
a) Archaic Period b) Classical Period c) Hellenistic Period d) None

18- in the 5th and 4th Centuries BC the most advanced economy was founded in:
a) Italy b) France c) Greece d) None

19- Geographic regions are based on distinctive quality of
a) Variety b) Homogenity c) ORigin d) None

20- Geography affects the culture of a region by:
a) What people do b) What people possess c) What people copy d) None

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