Geography Solved MCQS for CSS PMS

Geography MCQs

1) Average monthly temperature of a place can be represents by means of
 line graph

2) Hanging valleys are formed by the action of
 Moving Ice

3) Dendritic pattern of drainage is:
 like the tree with branches

4) Lines joining places having equal rainfall are :

5) The most common rock found on earth is

6) The wind which reverses seasonally is known as ___________ wind
(b) Monsoon
7) Karsts region originally a landscape located in :
(a) Belgium (b) Greece (c) Former Yugoslavia (d) None of these

8) The earliest period of geological history is:

9) Which of the following are considered to be the primary rock:

10) What is the point of an earth quake called:

11) Epeirogeny is a result of:
(a) Vertical earth movements

12) What is the name given to a plateau surrounded by mountains:
 intermountain plateau
13) The dust bowl of North American has been caused by:
 wind erosion
14) Ideal cycle of erosion was first suggested by:
W.M Davis

15) What does the term loess refers to:
Fine wind deposited material

16) An Avalanche is a mass of glacial debris transported to the sea:
(a) Mass of snow and rocks moving down slope under gravity ****

17) What is meant by Hamada:
(a) An extensive flat rocky surface in desert

18) The direction of rotation of the earth on its axis is from:
West to east

19) On which date is the earth perihelion:
January 03

20) What is the most accurate description of the shape of the earth:
A Sphere

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