GRE Analytical Reasoning Soved MCQs Test

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GRE Analytical Reasoning Soved MCQs Test

Questions 8-10
In Bahria Town, six houses R, S, W, X, Y and Z, are to be colored with different colors. Adjacent houses cannot be colored with the same color. The only houses adjacent to each other are as follows:
R, S, X and Y are each adjacent to W.
X is adjacent to Y.
R and S are each adjacent to Z.
8.Which of the following is a pair of houses that must be colored in different color from each other?
A.       Y and Z
B.       R and X
C.        S and X
D.       S and Z
9.If X is colored in the same color as Z, then it must be true that
A.       W is colored in a different color from any other house
B.       R is colored in the same color as Y
C.        S is colored in the same color as X
D.       X is colored in the same color as Y
10.Which of the following houses can be colored in the same color as W?
A.       S
B.       X
C.        Y
D.       Z
Amir said, “All lemons I have tasted are sour; therefore, all lemons are sour.”
11.Which one of the following most closely parallels the logic of the above statement?
A.       My income has increased each year for the past four years; therefore, it will increase again next year.
B.       I sped to work every day last week and I did not get a ticket; therefore, they do not give tickets for speeding around here anymore.
C.        All rubies are red. This gem is green; therefore, it is not a ruby.
D.       Every student I had in school was selfish; therefore, all students are selfish.
12.Find out the odd one out
A.       Doctor
B.       Pharmacist
C.        Hospital
D.       Nurse
13.Complete the series: D, F, H, J, ______.
A.       K
B.       L
C.        M
D.       N
E.        I

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