GRE Verbal Reasoning Analytical Reasoning Sample MCQs Solved Papers

GRE Tests
GRE Verbal Reasoning Analytical Reasoning Sample MCQs Solved Papers

Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate option, from the given lettered choices (A to D/E) below each.
1.    ______ bothers me most is the high cost of the tuition.
A.       When
B.       What
C.        That
D.       It
2.    The unique world of the film is______, both wholly recognizable and unfamiliar.
A.       contradictory
B.       realistic
C.        simplistic
D.       timeless
Five lettered pairs (A to E) follow a related pair of words given in capitals. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair in capitals.
A.       attend: ignore
B.       freeze: harden
C.        remain: retreat
D.       infer: imply
E.        require: insure
Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.
4.    HONOR:
A.       breach
B.       illusion
C.        inference
D.       argument
Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized ones.
5.    TRENDY:
A.       sentimental
B.       stylish
C.        hesitant
D.       country
Questions 6-7 are based on the following passage.
The presentation could have been more interesting if the speakers had used some visuals. Colorful visuals projected on a screen would have made it easier for the audience to follow the main points. Without this support, most of us felt lost. The presenter should also speak more loudly. Most of us, particularly those sitting in the back of the room, could not hear him very well and were not able to follow his main points. The way a presentation is made is just as important as the content. However good the content may be, it is lost if it is not clearly presented. Before giving this presentation again, this presenter should develop some visual aids to use with it and practice speaking more loudly.
6.    How does the author describe the presentation?
A.       interesting
B.       confusing
C.        visually exciting
D.       colorful
7.    What does the author say about the presenter?
A.       He should speak louder
B.       He was easy to hear
C.        He should speak more clearly
D.       He was easy to follow
Questions 8-10
Six contestants, Bano, Farah, Irum, Kiran, Mona and Sara, have been given an embroidery task to complete in a given time, such that
Farah finishes ahead of both Irum and Kiran.
Mona finishes in third place.
Bano finishes neither first nor last.
8.    Which of the following could be the finishing order of the six contestants, from first to last?
A.       Farah, Mona, Irum, Kiran, Bano, Sara
B.       Bano, Sara, Mona, Farah, Irum, Kiran
C.        Sara, Irum, Mona, Farah, Bano, Kiran
D.       Farah, Sara, Mona, Irum, Kiran, Bano
E.        Farah, Sara, Mona, Bano, Kiran, Irum
9.    All of the following could be a complete and accurate list of the finishing order of the six contestants except:
A.       Sara, Farah, Mona, Bano, Irum, Kiran
B.       Farah, Sara, Mona, Bano, Kiran, Irum
C.        Farah, Bano, Mona, Sara, Irum, Kiran
D.       Sara, Bano, Mona, Kiran, Irum, Farah
E.        Farah, Kiran, Mona, Irum, Bano, Sara
10. Which of the following is a complete and accurate list of all contestants who could finish first?
A.       Farah, Irum or Sara
B.       Farah, Irum, Kiran or Sara
C.        Farah or Mona
D.       Farah or Sara
E.        Farah, Irum or Kiran
“Ever since I arrived at the college last week, I’ve been shocked by the poor behavior of students and the unfriendly attitude of the townspeople, but the professors are very erudite and genuinely helpful. Still, I wonder if I should have come here in the first place.”
11. Which of the following, if true, would weaken the above conclusion?
A.       Professors are not always helpful to students.
B.       The college numbers over 50,000 students.
C.        The college is far from the student’s home.
D.       Not all professors have doctorates.
E.        The narrator was unsure of staying at the college.
12. If Y C V G T means W A T E R, then what does H K T G means?
A.       Air
B.       Earth
C.        Fire
D.       Nature
13. Insert mathematical signs to complete the equation:
25 ___ 5 ___ 4 = 1
A.       , –
B.       x, +
C.        -, –
D.       +,+

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