Headmaster MCQs Past Papers


All financial transaction of the school occurring from day to day is entered in
Cash Book

Micro planning is done in
Middle and Lower Management

The ACR cannot be initiated for the period of less than
Three months

The individual in the group given the task of directing and coordinating is

The cash book in maintained by

Authoritarian model is more suitable for

Teacher salaries and allowances collectively are written in
Cash Register

A programme of activities which is designed to attain educational ends is

Superannuation retirement age in Pakistan is
60 Years

Pension is given if the retirement is after service of
25 years

The process of making judgment is called

What does E and D Rules mean
Efficiency and discipline rules

A.D.P is an abbreviation of
Annual development programme

The power is concentrated in the hands of one or few people in

S.N.E is an abbreviation of
Schedule of new entry

The level of school addminstration can best be judged through
Learning out comes

Acquaintance roll is used for
Salary disbursement

All transaction should be entered in which register

The concept of inspection was first introduced in

Budgeting is an estimation of
Income and expenditure

The authorized person of staff performance is
Head teacher

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