History Solved MCQS for SPSC

History MCQs
1-Who is. Sivaji:

Ans. He was the founder of the independent Maratha Kingdom.

2-when  Battle of Buxar was fought in:

Ans. 1764.

3-When Communal Award was announced:


4-Importance of Battle of Plassey:

Ans. The Battle of Plassey firmly established the British Rule in Bengal. It exposed the Hindu-Muslim disaffection from one another.

5-Date of arrival of Simon Commission:

Ans. 3rd November 1927.

6-Date of Radcliff Award:

Ans. 15 August 1947.

7-Date of Ayyub Khan’s revolution:

Ans. 27 October 1958.

8-Date of Separation of East Pakistan:

Ans. 16 December 1971.

9-When Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated:

Ans. 16 October 1951.

10-When presidential form of constitution was imposed:

Ans. 1st March 1962.

11-What is Hoysals.

Ans. A Kingdom of South during Ala-ud-Din Khilji’s period.

12-what is Raja Tarangini.

Ans. It is a book on history of Kashmir written by Pandit Kachan.

13-what is Koshak-e-Siri.

Ans. This was the name of the Palace of Ala-ud-Din.

14-who is  Ustad Isa.

Ans. He was the Chief Architect of Taj Mahal Agra.

15-what is Iqta’s.

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