History of Pakistan and India MCQS for CSS PMS

History MCQs

(i) Daulat Khan Lodhi was governor of:
(a) Multan (b) Lahore (c) Delhi (d) Sialkot (e) None of these
(ii) Shaikh Mubarik was father of:
(a) Abdul Qadir Badauni (b) Faizi (c) Abul Fazal (d) Nagouri (e) None of these
(iii) Dilawer Khan was sent to welcome Babur by:
(a) Sikander Khan Lodhi (b) Daulat Khan Lodhi
(c) Ibrahim Lodhi (d) Alam Khan Lodhi (e) None of these
(iv) Rani Ladi was:
(a) A brave lady (b) Sister of Dahir (c) Widow of Dahir (d) Widow of Chach (e)
None of these
(v) Majority of the population of Sindh was:
(a) JatĀ  (b) Meds (c) Muslims (d) Buddhist (e) None of these
(vi) Subuktagin died in:
(a) August, 997 (b) November, 997 (c) September, 997 (d) August, 998 (e) None of these
(vii) Battle of Tarain was fought in:
(a) 1010 (b) 1009 (c) 1011 (d) 1012 (e) None of these
(viii) Qutb-ud-din Bakhtiyar Kaki came from:
(a) Baghdad (b) Bukhara (c) Ghazni (d) Ush (e) None of these
(ix) Qutb Minar was built by:
(a) Qut-ud-din Aibak (b) Qubacha (c) Illtutmish (d) Alla-ud-Din (e) None of these
(x) Nazim-ul-Mulk Junaidi was wazir of:
(a) Nur-ud-Din Mubarik (b) Mahmud Ghaznawi
(c) Iltutmish (d) Qutb-ud-Din Aibak (e) None of these
(xi) Muiz-ud-din Behram was dethroned on:
(a) 5
March, 1241 (b) 7
April, 1242 (c) 9
May, 1242 (d) 8
May, 1241 (e)
None of these
(xii) Balban was appointed as Amir-i-Hajib by:
(a) Najmuddin Abu Bakar (b) Alauddin Masood
(c) Nasiruddin Mahmud (d) Qutabuddin Hussain (e)
None of these
(xiii) Malik Jalaluddin Firuz ascended the throne on:
(a) 14
June, 1291 (b) 14
June, 1290 (c) 13
June, 1289 (d) 14
June, 1292 (e)
None of these
(xiv) Bughra Khan was son of:
(a) Kishlu Khan (b) Balban (c) Kaiqubad (d) Muhammad Khan (e)
None of these
(xv) The author of Fawaid-ul-Fuad is:
(a) Balakhi (b) Amir Khusrau (c) Amir Hassan (d) Aufi (e) None of these
(xvi) Devagiri was made capital with the name of Daulatabad by:
(a) Allauddin Khilji (b) Giyath-ud-Din Tughluq
(c) Muhammad Bin Tughluq (d) Firuz Tughluk (e) None of these
The second battle of Panipat was fought on:
(a) 2
November, 1555 (b) 2
October, 1556
(c) 15 November, 1555 (d) 2
November, 1556 (e) None of these
Qandahar was conquered by Humayun in:
(a) September, 1545 (b) September, 1544 (c) October, 1545 (d) March, 1545 (e)
None of these
(xix) Battle of Chausa was started on:
(a) 26
February, 1539 (b) 26
March, 1540
(c) 26 June, 1539 (d) 20
June, 1540 (e) None of these
(xx) The battle of Haldi Ghati was fought on:
(a) 18
June, 1576 (b) 15
June, 1557
(c) 16
June, 1577 (d) 15
June, 1567 (e) None of these

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