Indo Pak History Solved MCQS for FA BA MA

History MCQs

i. Islam was introduced in India by:
Ans. The Arabs.

ii. Pirthvi Raj was overthrown and killed in 1192 A.D. at Thanesar by:
Ans. Muhammad Ghouri.
iii. Qutb Minar of Delhi was designed as a tower of victory being the hallmark of the Empire of:.
Ans. The Turks.
iv. Ibn-e-Batuta lived at the court of:
Ans. Muhammad bin Taghluq.
v. The famous garden Ram Bagh at Agra was laid out by:
Ans. Sikandar Lodi.
vi. The Lodi Dynasty was founded by:
Ans. Bahlol.
vii. Under Akbar’s Mansabdari System when a Mansabdar died all his property was confiscated by the law called:
Ans. Law of Escheat.

viii. In 1582 Akbar appointed his Diwan-e-Chief to:
Ans. Todar Mal.

ix. Dara Shikoh in his religious thought was influenced by:
Ans. Mullah Shaida.
x. The famous manuscript “Shikasta” and “Nastaliq” were written by:
Ans. Aurangzeb.
i. The Indian National Congress was founded in the year:
Ans. 1885.
ii. 19th February 1946 is associated with:
Ans. Arrival of Cabinet Mission in India.

iii. In India, the legal status of the provinces was for the first time recognized under:
Ans. The Govt: of India Act 1935
iv. The proposal of Union of India embracing both British India and the states was put forward by:
Ans. The Cabinet Mission.
v. The L.F.O was issued by:
Ans. Yahya Khan.
i. Prada stand for…….
Ans. Public Representation Offices Disqualification Act.

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