Persian MCQS for CSS PMS


(i) The “Korush-e-Kabeer” was the leader of:
(a) Ashkanian (b) Hakhamanshyan (c) Salajiqa (d) None of these
(ii) Who is known as the First King of Pahlvid?
(a) Ali Raza (b) Muhammad Raza (c) Raza Khan (d) None of these
(iii) Who is the author of “Kemia-e-Saadat”?
(a) Ahmad Ghazali (b) Imam Ghazali (c) Behaqi (d) None of these
(iv) Who is the First Sahib-e-Diwan poet in Iran?
(a) Firdosi (b) Rudaki (c) Abu Shaheed Blakhi (d) None of these
(v) Who signed the charter of Mashrutiat?
(a) Raza Shah (b) Malik Shah (c) Muzafferud-Din Shah (d) None of these
(vi) The history of how many families was stated in Shah Nama-e-Firdosi?
(a) Fourteen (b) Eight (c) Six  (d) None of these
(vii) Who was the author of “Siyasat Nama”?
(a) Al-Biruni (b) Nizamul Mulk Tosi(c) Abul Fazal Alami (d) None of these
(viii) When “Qajarian” came into power?
(a) 1891 A.D. (b) 1692 A.D. (c) 1790 A.D. (d) None of these
(ix) When “Zaheerud-Din-Babur” defeated Ibrahim Lodhi?
(a) 1556 A.D. (b) 1496 A.D. (c) 1526 A.D. (d) None of these
(x) Hasan Memundi was the Prime Minister of:
(a) Masood Ghaznavi (b) Ismail Safavi (c) Mehmood Ghaznavi (d) None of these
(xi) Who was the First Novelist in Iran?
(a) Haji Zainul Abidin (b) Jamal Zadeh (c) Sadiq Hidayat (d) None of these
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NOTE:(i) PART-II is to be attempted on separate Answer Book.
(ii) Attempt all the questions from PART-II. Answer must be written in
(xiii) The capital city of “SAMANIAN’s” is:
(a) Hirat (b) Bukhara (c) Toos (d) None of these
(xiv) Name the battle in which Yazd Guard was defeated by the Muslims:
(a) Jang-e-Nahavand (b) Jang-e-Qaadsia (c) Jang-e-Slasil (d) None of these
(xv) Who was the leader of Ashkaniyans?
(a) Shah Pur (b) Alap Arsalan (c) Arshak (d) None of these
(xvi) Persian words that are written in Arami language and are pronounced in Pahlvi are called:
(a) Huzwarish (a) Avistai (a) Old Persian (a) None of these
(xvii) “Takht-e-Jamsheed” is known as:
(a) Masjid (b) Library (c) Old Castle (d) None of these
(xviii)The author of “Sabk Shanasi” is:
(a) Ali Dehkhuda (b) Bahar Mashhadi (c) Rumi (d) None of these
(xix) Name the famous critic of twentieth century in Iran:
(a) Rasheed Yasmi (b) Arif Qazvini (c) Hussain Zareen Kob (d) None of these
(xx) The book “Arsang” belongs to:
(a) Mani (b) Zoroast (c) Mazdak (d) None of these

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