KPPSC PMS English Essay Paper

Max Marks….100………time….3 Hours
Paper….. Essay…

1. There Is No Virtue Truely Great And God Like As Justice.

2. The Need And Importance Of Tolerance And Moderation In Politics.

3. The Power And Responsibilities Of Media.

4. The Future Of Mankind In A “global Warming”perspective.

5. The State Of Women Rights In Pakistan.

6. The Leadership The Country Needs.

7. The Best Helping Hand For You Is At The End Of Your Arm.

8. The Dangers Of Unlimited Power.

9. Voilence In Our Society.

10. Energy Crises

PMS-2013 Essay Paper


Time allowed : 03 Hours
Max Marks :100

NOTE :Write a comprehensive essay (4000-5000 words) on any one of the topics listed below. Make sure you use different forms of discourse: viz: exposition, argument,persuasion,description and narration.

Q.1: Fragrance remains in the hand which gives the rose.

Q.2: Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny.

Q.3: Leaders and followers.

Q.4: The cream rises to the top,so does the scum.

Q.5: Globalization and electronic media.

Q.6: Persecuted poor women.

Q.7: Energy- A critical factor in Pakistan’s economic development.

Q.8: Terrorism- as a new threat to the contemporary world.

Q.9: Piety at public expense.

Q.10: Every solution breeds new problems.

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