Land Acquisition Act 1894 MCQs

Land Acquisition Act 1894 MCQs

1. When the Land Acquisition Act came in to froce? 
01 March 1894
2. The Land Acquisition Act was Passed on 
02 FEB 1894

3. The preliminary Notification for Acquisition of Land is published under Section 
4. After the issuance of notification with in how many days objection to the acquisition can be raised?
30 Days
5. Notification means 
Act of giving Notice / Notification means a notification published under proper Authority in official Gazette.
6. The Land Acquisition Act 1894 is based on famous rule
 To rob peter to Pay Paul
7. Objection against the acquisition of Land shall be made to
 in writing. Collector
8. Who is the competent to give final decision on the objections against acquisition of land?
9. Notification that a particular land is needed for a public purpose or for a company is laid down under section 
10. Process of Hearing of Objections is made under section
11. Section 4 states
publication of preliminary notification 
12. section 5 states
notification that a particular land is needed for a public purpose or for a company

13. section 5-A states
 hearing of objections.
14. section 6 states
 declaration that land is required for a public purpose
15. section 7 states
 after declaration collector to take order of acquisition
16. section 8 states
land to be marked out , measured and planned
17. Section 9 states
 issuance of notice to persons interested
18. the process of issuance of preliminary notification is envisaged under section

19. the notification has to be essentially published in ———— and ————-.  
 official gazette, two national news paper
20. the main objective of preliminary notification is to call for

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