MCQs for Revenue Department Jobs

MCQs for Revenue Department Jobs 

51. What is vernacular word for Killa?

52. The report for mutation to the Patwari must be made with in
three months

53. The book which contains the details of measurement of each field is called
Field Book

54. All the Mussavis of a village are drawn on a cloth (Lattha) by Patwari is called
Shajra Kishtwar

55. Register Haqdaran-e- Zamin contains information about
ownership, tenancy, khasra number,source of irrigation

56. Khatauni are kept in custody of
Halqua Patwari

57. Khatauni contains information about
Ownership, cultivation,rights in Land

58. Khatauni is revised after every years.
4 Years

59. Khatauni is prepared by

60. The register of all persons cultivating or otherwise occupying land in a village is called

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