Lecturer Geography Past Papers

SPSC,PPSC  Lecturer Geography MCQs Past Papers
1) The circumference of the Earth at the equator is:
(a) 60,075 km (b) 50,075 km
(c) 40,075 km (d) None of these
2) The proportion of radiation reflected from the snow covered surface is called:
(a) brook (b) caldera
(c) sinusoid  (d) None of these
3) Worldwide geocaching is carried out by:
(a) GIS (b) Remote sensing
(c) GPS (d) None of these
3) Speed of the Earth at 45o Nis:
(a) 1180.7 km/h (b) 2180.7 km/h
(c) 3180.7 km/h (d) None of these
5 Chemical composition of the Earth dominating 34.6% by:
(a) Silicon (b) Iron
(c) Magnesium (d) None of these
6) Temperate, Torrid and Frigid zones, one ancient example of world climates is attributed to:
(a) Plato (b) Herodotus
(c) Aristotle (d) None of these
7) In Koppen Climate System Aw stands for:
(a) tropical rainforest  (b) tropical monsoon
(c) tropical savanna (d) None of these
8 Which of the following civilization was shut down by droughts combined with devastating
(a) Nile (b) Indus
(c) Inca (d) None of these
9) Pumice, gabbro and andesites are identified as:
(a) sedimentary rocks (b) metamorphic rocks
(c) Igneous rocks (d) None of these
10) Great Barrier Reef is in the:
(a) Atlantic Ocean (b) Pacific Ocean
(c) Indian Ocean (d) None of these
11) A new sea has been officially created in the pacific Northwest is called:
(a) Palish sea (b) Salish sea
(c) Valish sea (d) None of these
12) On March 28, 2001 a tornado outbreak in Pakistan was experienced in:
(a) Sahiwal (b) Bhalwal
(c) Sajawal (d) None of these
13) Agulhas is one of the worm currents of:
(a) Indian Ocean (b) Atlantic Ocean
(c) Arctic Ocean (d) None of these
14) A land formation with many caves caused by dolomite being dissolved by underground drainage
is termed:
(a) Horst (b) Mesa
(c) Scree (d) None of these
15) Frontal zones where air masses are not moving against each other are called:
(a) Occluded fronts  (b) Stationary fronts
(c) Warm fronts (d) None of these
16) Mountain ranges near water sources can receive high rainfalls because of:
(a) Cyclonic activity (b) Rain shadow effect
(c) Orographic uplift (d) None of these
17) Cartographers classify maps into two broad categories, reference maps and:
(a) Topographic maps (b) Thematic maps
(c) Attases (d) None of these
18) The oldest known projection dating back to about 500 B.C. is:
(a) Cylindrical Homolographic (b) Gnomonic
(c) Mollweide  (d) None of these
19) Alexander – Von – Humboldt famous biogeographer produced five volumes of work in 1845, was
(a) Kosmos (b) Helios
(c) Mellios (d) None of these
20) Normal Cycle of erosion was devised by:
(a) Karl Ritter  (b) Thornbury
(c) Monkhouse (d) None of these
21 More determined and driven work ethics due to frequent variability in the weather of the:
(a) Higher Latitudes (b) Middle Latitudes
(c) Lower Latitudes (d) None of these
22) Equational paradox is an aspect of:
(a) Cultural geography (b) Regional geography
(c) Economic geography (d) None of these
23) Climatic determinism was intensely studied by:
(a) Ellsworth Huntington (b) Carl O. Saver
(c) Carl Marx (d) None of these
24 Environmental problems must all be understood via:
(a) Physical processes (b) Social processes
(c) Commercial processes (d) None of these
25) The study of the number of population and its variations in time and space is called:
(a) Population dynamics (b) Population density
(c) Population distribution (d) None of these
26) Rapid population growth in urban areas perpetuates:
(a) Crimes (b) Safety issues
(c) Poverty (d) None of these
27) Sustainability of human settlements has become a matter of:
(a) Global concern (b) Continental concern
(c) Regional concern (d) None of these
28) Settlements can be ordered by size or other factors to define:
(a) Morphology (b) Landscape
(c) Hierarchy (d) None of these
29) South Asian agriculture is considered to be:
(a) Intensive (b) Subsistence
(c) Extensive (d) None of these
30) Appalachian Industrial area hosts:
(a) Iron & Steel (b) Textiles
(c) Chemicals (d) None of these
31) Turkey possesses plenty of:
(a) Power resources (b) Mineral resources
(c) Water resources (d) None of these
32) “What had historically made geography unique was its attention to systematic description of areal
variation” said by:
(a) Hart Shorne  (b) Charles Fisher
(c) Ann Buttimer  (d) None of these
33) Indus Waters Treaty Projects were financed by:
(a) Asian Development Bank (b) World Bank
(c) Former EEC  (d) None of these
34) Ninety percent of Russia is north of the:
(a) 60thparallel  (b) 55thparallel
(c) 50thparallel (d) None of these
35) Before 1950, famine was harsh reality in:
(a) Poland (b) Portugal
(c) India (d) None of these
36) Waterways are common transport means in Bengal for carrying:
(a) Tea (b) Jute
(c) Animals (d) None of these
37) Greek culture and power expanded into the near and Middle East during:
(a) Archaic period (b) Classical period
(c) Hellenistic period (d) None of these
38) In 5thand 4thcenturies B.C. the most advanced economy was founded in:
(a) Italy (b) France
(c) Greece (d) None of these
39) Geographic regions are based on distinctive quality of:
(a) Variety (b) Homogenity
(c) Origin (d) None of these
40) Geography affects the culture of a region by:
(a) What people do (b) What people possess
(c) What people copy (d) None of these
41)  The founder of Human geography is:
(a) Plato (b) Aristotle
(c) Eratosthenes (d) Theophrastus
42)  Pakistan covers an area of:
(a) 796095 Sq km (b) 468000 Sq km
(c) 999657 Sq km (d) None of these
43)  The hottest month (June) with the mean temperature of 38o
C in Pakistan is at:
(a) Sibi (b) Jacobabad
(c) Hyderabad (d) None of these
44)  Tod Polander is associated with the:
(a) Study of urban areas  (b) industrial location theory
(c) agricultural location theory (d) population studies
45  Which region is called the rice bowl of China?
(a) Huang ho valley (b) Yangtse Basin
(c) Sinkiang (d) Chunling
46  “Hemp” is a fiber crop of:
(a) Western Europe (b) Middle East
(c) Mediteranean Region (d) Southeast Asia
47)  The Phytogeography deals with:
(a) the animal life (b) the plant life
(c) weathering of rocks (d) Ancient civilizations
48)  Bride industries are industries:
(a) Based on agricultural raw material  (b) Located between market and raw material
(c) Located on the river banks (d) Producing goods for export
49)  The theory of industrial location was put forward by:
(a) Weber (b) Von Thunen
(c) A. Miller (d) R. Johnson
50  What will be the shape of settlements near oases in desert?
(a) Square (b) Linear
(c) Oval (d) Irregular

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