Lecturer History Past Exam Papers

1- How many Muslims members in Nehru committee?2
2- Baluchistan was given the status of province in?1st July 1970.
3- Who was the 1st governor of Baluchistan?
Lt General Riaz Hussain(1 July , 1970 21 December, 1971)
4- When West Pakistan became One Unit ?1955
5- When 1st Constituent Assembly of Pakistan dissolved?October 24, 1954
6- Who was the first president of Indian National Congress?Womesh Chandra Bannerjee
7-Sarojini Naidu also known by the sobriquet The Nightingale of India,( bulbul) due to ?English poet literate
8- Who was called the imported prime minister of Pakistan?Muhammad Ali Bogra
9- Sikandar Mirza professionally a?Army man
10- Who was called the financial wizard of Pakistan?Gulam Muhammad
11- Who was the 1st secretary general of Pakistan who worked under Liaquat Ali Khan?Chaudhry Muhammad Ali
12- Who was the chief convener of the constitution of the Muslim League known as the Green Book?
Maulana Muhammad Ali Johar
13- How many princely states in sub-continent at the time of partion?570
14- The victory of Afghanistan, kharasan, tabristan occurred in the khilafat of ?Hazrat Usman(r.a)
15- Which is called 1st Muslim Magna Carta?Treaty of medina
16- The maximum population in the ignorance period was?Idolest
17- the most common activity before Islam was?Polygamy
18- The special idol of Quresh was?Aluzza
19- Who was the 1st foreign minister of Pakistan?Sir Zafrulla khan
20- Which Pakistani has the honour to be the president of general assembly?Sir Zafrulla Khan
21- The pm of Pakistan which has the shortest period was?Ayub Khan
22- The duration of prime minister ship of I.I Chandrigar was?56days
23. who was nominated deputy prime minister of Pakistan?Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto
24- how many members included in simla deputation?35
25- Hamayu nama is the book of?Gulbaden begum
26- Sir Syed Ahmad Khan received an LL.D. Honorius from?Edinburgh University27- Pakistan became the member of NAM?1979
28- Why Muslim league reject Nehru report?It was against the Muslim interests
29- who was the real founder of slave dynasty?iltutmash
30- why bulban used blood and iron policy?For crushing resistance
31- Who many Muslim league members in 1946 cabinet?5
32- Dyarchy system firstly used in India under?Montagu Chelmsford reforms
33- The total duration of vice president ship of nur-ul-amin was1year and half year
34-what was the response of Allama Iqbal in case of lakhnow pact?he apposed strictly
35-the weight age directly based on?lacknow pact
36–impact of hijrat movement was?Muslim face a great loss
37-response of quaid-e-azam in case of khalafat movement?he remained away from this
38- miftahul khar is the surname of?sulman bin abdul-malik
39- When revolution occurred in Iraq by Brigadier General Abd al-Karim Qasim1958
40- Who awarded the title of gazi to Mustifakamal Ataturk?
‘Gazi’ (Warrior Hero), a title awarded to him by a grateful Assembly in 1921, and as ‘Ataturk’ (Father of the Turkish Nation), assumed by him in 1934,
41-when turkey became republic?the proclamation of a republic in 1923, and
42- when the abolition of the caliphate and the rule of the Ottoman Turks ended for ever?1924
43- who was Bal Gangadhar Tilak?A Hindu extremist
44- what is history ?Science and art both
45- WHO WAS the first chief of army staff of Pakistan?
General Sir Frank Messervy
46- before 1857 who appointed governor general of India?
Until 1858, the Governor-General was selected by the Court of Directors of the East India Company, to whom he was responsible. Thereafter, he was appointed by the Sovereign on the advice of the British government; the Secretary of State for India, a member of the UK Cabinet, was responsible for instructing him on the exercise of his powers. After 1947, the Sovereign continued to appoint the Governor-General,
47- Who called the current day’s phoron of Egypt?Hosni Mubarak
48-malik kafoor was the vice of shahabudin omer khalji what was his duration?35 days
48- Last Governor General of India Mountbatten worked in rank of UK force?Admiral of the Fleet
49- What was the Islam first drill ground?mosque of nabvi
50-who proclaimed that he was the first king of Islam?Ameer maviya
51-who was yaqoot?wazir
52- Which king of tugliq dynasty compared with Akbar?
sultan feroz shah tugliq
53 Allan Octavian Hume was a?civil servant, political reformer
54- Why Gandhi kept marn bahrat?To pressurize English govt
55- Who was called the pioneers of Pakistan‘s china relation?Hussein shehed suharwardi
56-when khilafat committee established?1919
57- Abdul Salam Arif(1963-66) died by?
accident (On April 13, 1966, Arif was killed in the crash of Royal Iraqi Air Force de Havilland DH.104 Dove 1, RF392)
58- Sir Syed remains the member of imperial counsel for a period of?5 years
59- What was the purpose of gaor kasa sabha?
Propaganda against gaokashi and its eaters

60- Syria gets freedom from?
France 17 April 1946
61- Futuhat-i-Firoz Shahi is the book of?
Froze Shah Tughlaq (Sultan of Delhi)
62- Who said the only default in Razia that he was women?
qasim farista
63- the duration of marwan bin hakam kingship?
64- who said this about feroz shah tugliq that he was a father to his people?
lane pool
65- the duration of aram shah was?
8 month
66-when Lahore resolution gave the name of Pakistan resolution?
67-The outline of history is the book of?
Herbert George Wells
68- Independence day of Sudan?
1 January 1956 , (Independence from Egypt, and the United Kingdom )
69- when UAR dissolved?
September 28, 1961,
70-the ruling period of hafeezul asad was?
near 30 years
71-when Syrian president Shukri al-Kuwatli and Nasser announced the merging of the two countries, creating the United Arab Republic?
February 1, 1958
72- HOW many Muslims were killed in battle of saffan?
73- history of the Arabs is the book of?
Philip Khuri Hitti
74-the duration of era of ignorance was?
100 years, 200 years, 300years, 400years
75– on 23rd July 1952 when revolution el-thaw rah occurred in Egypt what was the rank of Jamal abdulnasir?
76- in which year three military coups occurred in Syria?1949


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