MCQS of Zakat

Islamic Studies MCQs

1.    Zakat means to purify.

2.    Zakat was made obligatory in 2. A.H.

3.    7-1/2 is the nasab of gold and 52-1/2 tolas for silver.

4.    Injunction of utilization of zakat is in Surah-al Tauba.

5.    Number of heads for distribution of zakat are 8.

6.    Zakat mentioned along with Namaz in the Quran 22 times.

7.    5 Camels, 40 goats, 30 cows and buffaloes is nisab for zakat.

8.    1/10 is the nisab of irrigated produce.

9.    Zakat is treasure of Islam; it is the saying of holy prophet.

10.  Usher means 1/10.

11.  Khums means 1/5.

12.  Word Zakat occurs in Quran for 32 times.

13.  In 2nd A.H the rate and method of distribution of Zakat was determined at Madina.

14.  Kharaj is spoils of war.

15.  Fay is income from town lands.

16.  Zakat on produce of mines is 1/5th.

17.  Ushr on artificially irrigated land is 1/20th.

18.  Al-Gharmain means debtors.

19.There are two types of zakat.

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