Year Wise Islamic History Events

Islamic Studies MCQs

700 Campaigns against the Berbers in North Africa.
702 Ashath’s rebellion in Iraq, battle of Deir ul Jamira.
705 Death of Abdul Malik. Accession of Walid I as Caliph.
711 Conquests of Spain, Sind and Transoxiana.
712 The Muslims advance in Spain, Sind and Transoxiana.
713 Conquest of Multan.
715 Death of Walid I. Accession of Sulaiman.
716 Invasion of Constantinople.
717 Death of Sulaiman. Accession (taking over) of Umar bin Abdul Aziz.
720 Death of Umar bin Abdul Aziz. Accession of Yazid II.
724 Death of Yazid II. Accession of Hisham.
725 The Muslims occupy Nimes in France.
732 The battle of Tours in France.
737 The Muslims meet reverse at Avignon in France.
740 Shia revolt under Zaid bin Ali. Berber revolt in North Africa . Battle of the Nobles.
741 Battle of Bagdoura in North Africa.

742 The Muslim rule restored in Qiarowan.

743 Death of Hisham. Accession of Walid II. Shia revolt in Khurasan under Yahya bin Zaid.

744 Deposition of Walid I1. Accession of Yazid II1 and his death. Accession of Ibrahim and his overthrow. Battle of Ain al Jurr. Accession of Marwan II.

745 Kufa and Mosul occupied by the Khawarjites.

746 Battle of Rupar Thutha, Kufa and Mosul occupied by Marwan II.

747 Revolt of Abu Muslim in Khurasan.

748 Battle of Rayy.

749 Battles of lsfahan and Nihawand. Capture of Kufa by the Abbasids. As Saffah becomes the Abbasid Caliph at Kufa.

750 Battle of Zab. Fall of Damascus. End of the Umayyads.

751 Conquest of Wasit by the Abbasid. Murder of the Minister Abu Salama.

754 Death of As Saffah. Accession of Mansur as the Caliph.

755 Revolt of Abdullah bin Ali. Murder of Abu Muslim. Sunbadh revolt in Khurasan.

756 Abdul Rahman founds the Umayyad state in Spain.

762 Shia revolt under Muhammad (Nafs uz Zakia) and Ibrahim.

763 Foundation of Baghdad. Defeat of the Abbasids in Spain.

767 Khariji state set up by Ibn Madrar at Sijilmasa. Ustad Sees revolt in Khurasan.

772 Battle of Janbi in North Africa. Rustamid. state set up in Morocco.

775 Death or the Abbasid Caliph Mansur, Accession of Mahdi,

777 Battle of Saragossa in Spain.

785 Death of the Caliph Mahdi. Accession of Hadi.

786 Death of Hadi. Accession of Harun Ur Rashid.

788 Idrisid state set up in the Maghrib. Death of Abdul Rahman of Spain, and accession of Hisham.

792 Invasion of South France.

796 Death of Hisham in Spain; accession of al Hakam.

799 Suppression of the revolt of the Khazars.

800 The Aghlabid rule is established in North Africa.

803 Downfall of the Barmakids. Execution (Putting to death) of Jafar Barmki.

805 Campaigns against the Byzantines. Capture of the islands of Rhodes and Cypress.

809 Death of Harun Ur Rashid. Accession of Amin.

814 Civil war between Amin and Mamun. Amin killed and Mamun becomes the Caliph.

815 Shia revolt under Ibn Tuba Tabs.

816 Shia revolt in Makkah; Harsama puts down the revolt. In Spain the Umayyads capture the island of Corsica.

817 Harsama killed.

818 The Umayyads of Spain capture the islands of Izira, Majorica, and Sardinia.

819 Mamun comes to Baghdad.

820 Tahir establishes the rule of the Tahirids in Khurasan.

822 Death of AI Hakam in Spain; accession of Abdul Rahman. II.

823 Death of Tahir in Khurasan. Accession of Talha and his deposition. Accession of Abdullah bin Tahir.

827 Mamun declares the Mutazila (ãÚÊÒáå ) creed (dogma ãÓáß) as the state religion.

833 Death of Mamun. Accession of Mutasim.

836 Mutasim shifts the capital to Samarra. 837 Revolt of the Jats.

838 Revolt of Babek in Azerbaijan suppressed.

839 Revolt of Maziar in Tabaristan. The Muslims occupy South Italy. Capture of the city of Messina in Sicily.

842 Death of Mutasim, accession of Wasiq.

843 Revolts (Rebellion, Revolution) of the Arabs.

847 Death of Wasiq, accession of Mutawakkil.

850 Mutawakkil restores orthodoxy.

849 Death of the Tahirid ruler Abdullah bin Tahir; accession of Tahir II.

852 Death of Abdur Rahman II of Spain; accession of Muhammad I.

856 Umar bin Abdul Aziz founds the Habbarid rule in Sind.

858 Mutawakkil founds the town of Jafariya.

860 Ahmad founds the Samanid rule in Transoxiana.

861 Murder of the Abbasid Caliph Mutawakkil; accession of Muntasir.

862 Muntasir poisoned to death; accession of Mutasin.

864 Zai
di state established in Tabaristan by Hasan bin Zaid.

866 Mutasim flies from Samarra, his deposition and accession of Mutaaz.

867 Yaqub bin Layth founds the Saffarid rule in Sistan.

868 Ahmad bin Tulun founds the Tulunid rule in Egypt.

869 The Abbasid Caliph Mutaaz forced to abdicate, his death and accession of Muhtadi.

870 Turks revolt against Muhtadi, his death and accession of Mutamid.

873 Tahirid rule extinguished.

874 Zanj revolt in South Iraq. Death of the Samanid ruler Ahmad, accession of Nasr.

877 Death of Yaqub bin Layth in Sistan, accession of Amr bin Layth.

885 Death of Ahmad bin Tulun in Egypt, accession of Khamar- wiyiah.

866 Death of Muhammad I ( the Umayyad ruler of Spain), accession of Munzir. Death of Abdullah bin Umar the Habbari ruler of Sind.

888 Death of Munzir the Umayyad ruler of Spain, accession of Abbullah.

891 The Qarmatian state established at Bahrain.

892 Death of the Samanid ruler Nasr, accession of Ismail.

894 The Rustamids become the vassals of Spain.

896 Death of the Tulunid ruler Khamarwiyiah; accession of Abul Asakir Jaish.

897 Assassination of Abul Asakir Jaish; accession of Abu Musa Harun.

898 Qarmatians sack (destroy) Basra

902 Death of the Abbasid Caliph Muktafi; death of the Saffarid ruler Amr.

903 Assassination of the Qarmatian ruler Abu Said; accession of Abu Tahir.

905 Abdullah bin Hamdan founds the Hamdanid rule in Mosul and Jazirah. End of the Tulunid rule in Egypt.

907 Death of the Abbasid Caliph Muktafi; accession of Muqtadir,

908 End of the Saffarid rule, annexation of their territories by the Samanids.

909 Ubaidullah overthrows the Aghlablds and founds the Fatimid rule in North Africa.

912 Death of the Umayyad Amir Abdullah in Spain, accession of Abdur Rahman III.

913 Assassination of the Samanid ruler Ahmad II, accession of Nasr II.

928 Mardawij bin Ziyar founds the Ziyarid rule in Tabaristan.

929 Qarmatians sack Makkah and carry away the Black Stone from the Holy Kaaba. In Spain, Abdur Rahman III declares himself as the Caliph.

931 Deposition and restoration of the Abbasid Caliph Muqtadir. Death of the Qarmatian ruler Abu Tahir; accession of Abu Mansur.

932 Death of the Abbasid Caliph Muqtadir; accession of Al Qahir.

934 Deposition of the Abbasid Caliph AI Qahir; accession of Ar Radi. Death of the Fatimid Caliph Ubaidullah; accession of Al Qaim.

935 Assassination of the Ziyarid ruler Mardawij; accession of Washimgir. Death of Hamdanid ruler Abdullah bin Hamdan accession of Nasir ud Daula.

936 By coup Ibn Raiq becomes the Amir ul Umara.

938 By another coup power at Baghdad is captured by Bajkam.

940 Death of the Abbasid Caliph Ar Radi, accession of Muttaqi.

941 Assassination of Bajkam, capture of power by Kurtakin.

942 Ibn Raiq recaptures power.

943 Al Baeidi captures power. The Abbasid Caliph Muttaqi is forced to seek refuge with the Hamdanids. Sail ud Daula captures power at Baghdad and the Caliph returns to’ Baghdad. Power is captured by Tuzun and Sail ud Daula retires’ to Mosul. Death of the Samanid ruler Nasr II, accession of Nuh.

944 Muttaqi is blinded and deposed, accession of Mustakafi.

945 Death of Tuzun. Shirzad becomes Amir Ul Umra. The Buwayhids capture power. Deposition of the Abbasid Caliph Mustakafi.

946 Death of the Fatimid Caliph A1 Qaim. Accession of Mansur. Death of the Ikhshid ruler Muhammad bin Tughj, accession of Abul’ Qasim Ungur. 951: The Qarnaatiana restore the Black Stone to the Holy Kaaba.

954 Death of the Sasanid ruler Nuh, accession of Abdul Malik.

961 Death of the Samanid ruler Abdul Malik, accession of Manauf. Alptgin founds the rule of the Ghazanavids. Death of the Umayyad Caliph Abdul Rahman III in Spain; accession of Hakam. Death of the Ikhshid ruler Ungur accession of Abul Hasan Ali.

965 Death of the Qarmatian ruler Abu Mansur; accession of Hasan Azam. Assassination of the Ikhshid ruler Abul Hasan Ali; power captured by Malik Kafur.

967 Death of the Buwayhid Sultan Muiz ud Daula, accession of Bakhtiar. Death of the Hamdanid ruler Sail ud Daula.

968 Byzantines occupy Aleppo. Death of the Ikhshid ruler Malik Kafur; accession of Abul Fawaris.

969 The Fatimids conquer Egypt.

972 Buluggin bin Ziri founds the rule of the Zirids Algeria.

973 Shia Sunni disturbances in Baghdad; power captured in Baghdad by the Turkish General Subuktgin.

974 Abdication of the Abbasid Caliph AI Muttih; accession of At Taii.

975 Death of the Turk General Subuktgin. Death of the Fatimid Caliph Al Muizz.

976 The Buwayhid Sultan Izz ud Daula recaptures power with the help of his cousin Azud ud Daula. Death of the Samanid ruler Mansur, accession of Nuh II. In Spain death of the Umayyad Caliph Hakam, accession of Hisham II.

978 Death of the Buwayhid Sultan Izz ud Daula, power captured by Azud ud Daula. The Hamdanids overthrown by the Buwayhids.

979 Subuktgin becomes the Amir of Ghazni.

981 End of the Qarmatian rule at Bahrain.

982 Death of the- Buwayhid Sultan Azud ud Daula; accession of Samsara ud Daula.

984 Death of the Zirid ruler Buluggin, accession of Mansur.

986 The Buwyhid Sultan Samsara ud Daula overthrown by Sharaf ud Daula.

989 Death of the Buwayhid Sultan Sharaf ud Daula, accession of Baha ud Daula.

991 Deposition of the Abbasid Caliph at Taii, accession of AI Qadir.

996 Death of the Zirid ruler Mansur, accession of Nasir ud Daula Badis.

997 Death of the Samanid ruler Nuh II, accession of Mansur II.

998 Death of the Samanid ruler Mansur II, accession of Abdul Malik II. Mahmud becomes the Amir of Ghazni.

999 End of the Samanids.

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