MCQs Past Papers of British History

British History

(1) George Canning was Foreign Secretary of England from September 1822 – April 1827

(2) The defeat of Stuart Kings doomed the case of Theory of Divine Right.

(3) The throne of England was offered jointly to William and Marry.

(4) William III died in 1702 AD.

(5) The Union Jack came into existence as a result of the Act of Union 1800 (Union between England and Ireland).

(6) The Hanoverian succession put on end to the principles of hereditary succession and the divine right of kings.

(7) The Riot Act was passed in 1714 AD.

(8) George III made his mind to destroy the Whigh oligarchy System and establish personal rule in the country.

(9) The Quebec Act gave religious freedom to the Canadian in year 1774

(10) The Third Coalition was formed by William Pitt The Younger.

(11) George III was known as the Farmer king.

(12) Irish Rebellion failed as the expected help from France did not come in time.

(13) Methodism encouraged a violent hatred of Luxurious Life Style.

(14) George IV came to the throne in 1820 AD

(15) Castlereagh is known as the best European Foreign Minister in Britain’s history.

(16) The object of the treaty of London with Russia and France was to secure the independence of Turkey.

(17) The famous Emancipation Act was passed in 1829.

(18) Queen Victoria was the daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent .

(19) The Navigation Laws were partly responsible for the war of American independence.

(20) The Union of Ireland with England was first discussed in the Irish parliament in January 1800.

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