MCQs Questions Test for CSS PMS

Current Affairs MCQS

1).The worlds oldest international human rights organization is

a) amnesty international b) freedom house
c) anti slavery d) non of these

2).The constitution of European union has not been ratified by

a) Italy b) Netherlands
c) France d) non of these

3). After united states, the largest contributor in the united nations budget is

a) Germany b) France
c) UK d) non of these

4). Ariana is an airlines of

a) Australia b) Egypt
c) Iran d) non of these

5). What percentage Pakistan produces electricity from thermal source

a) 30 % b) 50%
c) 70% d) non of these

6). Chinas fastest growing economy is facing a major challenge of

a) population explosion b) shortage of electricity
c) challenges of WTO regime d) non of these

7). US president George bush has created ‘millennium challenge Account’ to

a) improve national security b) provide aid to iraq and afghanistan
c) help poor countries pursuing democratic ideals d) non of these

8). 38th parallel is a boundary line between

a) Canada and America b) north and south Vietnam
c) greek and turkish port of Cyprus d) non of these

9). In which month does the un general assembly usually meet every year

a) January b) march
c) September d) non of these

10). Pakistan has recently been given observer status in

a) organization of economic development cooperation and development (oecd) b) gulf cooperation council (gcc)
c) shanghai cooperation organization(sco)
d) non of these

11). The project to reduce water logging and salinity area in Pakistan has been financially supported by

a) world bank b) IMF
c) Asian Development Bank d) non of these

12). Pakistan and US navies recently conducted joint exercises in the Arabian Sea by the name of

a) Optimum Impact b) Divers Move
c) Inspired Union d) non of these

13). Which of the following internet search engine will introduce the worlds biggest digital library

a) yahoo b) google
c) giga blast d) non of these

14). The recently appointed United nations high commissioner for refugees Antonio guterres is the former prime minister of

a) denmark b) Romania
c) Canada d) non of these

15). When a country grants another country MFN (most favored nation) status in mutual trade, it implies

a) providing same trade concessions as are being given to other countries b) trade will be through exchange of commodities rather than foreign exchange
c) imports and exports payments will be in local currencies only d) non of these
16). The programme ‘united nations millennium development goals’ is focusing on

a) eradicate extreme poverty and hunger b) achieve universal primary education
c) promote gender equality and empower women d) all of the above

17). The largest agency of FATA (federally administered tribal areas) by area is
a) north waziristan b) south waziristan
c) Khyber agency d) non of these

18). Reuter is the news agency of

a) USA b) Germany
c) UK d) non of these

19). SAARC human resource development centre is located at

a) Delhi b) Colombo
c) Karachi d) non of these

20). Under Vision 2025 WAPDA will construct SATPARA Dam on Indus Rive in
a) Balochistan b) NWFP
c) Northern Areas d) non of these

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