Naib tehsildar MCQs Past Paper pdf


Naib tehsildar Paper
PPSC Naib Tehsildar Past Papers Sample MCQs Papers Paper Patern

1-Who is the present president of Cuba?Rahul Castro
2-Noralmarki is the president of ?Iraq
3-Clash of civilization is written by ?Samuel Huntington
4-War and Peace is written by? Leo Tolstoy
5-Pride and prejudice is written by?jane Austin
6-India Wins Freedom Is written by?Abu ul Kalam azad
7-Who was the chief editor of “Zamindar?Maulana Zafar Ali Khan
8-Simon Commission Held in?1927
9-Who was the Viceroy in !927?Lord Irwin
10-First viceroy of the subcontinent was?Lord Canning
11-Last viceroy of subcontinent? Lord Mountbatten
12-In which state Obama belongs To ?illionso state

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13-When WTO formed?1995
14-Stainless Steel is the alloy of ?copper and zinc
15-How many colors are there is spectrum?7
16-Which player has Highest score in TEst cricket?Sachin Tendulker
17-NATO stands for?North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
18-Where is the greatest and longest wall of earth?China
19-Where is Leaning Tower of Pissa? Italy
20-Who presented Theory of relativity?Einstein
21-When DR. Abdul salam Received noble prize?1979
22-Pancilin was discovered by ?fleming
23-What is the actual time of rotation of earh?23hours 56min 4sec
24-Olympics 2000 took place in which city?Sydney
25-Who was the first president of Muslim League?sir Agha Khan
26- Who is the president of India?Parthiba patel
27–BAn ki Mon Belongs TO which country?South Korea
28-Brief Histroy of Time is written by?
29-What is Black Hole?Hypothetical region in spaceFear of open places/ public places
30-Which are the two gases that we exale more than we inhale?oxgen and corbon
31-Agoraphobia?Fear of open places/ public places
32-Prime Minster of UK is ?Gordon Brown
33- How many members are there is EU?27
34-OIC came into Existence?1969
35-HOw many states are there in USA?50
36-SAARC headquarters?Kathmandu
37-Friends Not Masters is Written by ./Gen.Ayub
38-Total members of Commonwealth? 53
39-In 1946 Who Presented poor mans budget?Liaqat Ali Khan
40-Allam Iqbal delivered Khutba Allahab on ?Oct-1930
41-UNO established on?24th oct-1945
42-Where is the headquarters of International Court of Justice?Hague
43-HIjrat Madina Was took place in ?622 AD
44-Toatal numbers of Ghazwat?27
45-Surah Without Bismillah?Surah Tauba
46-Anarkali Is wriiten by?Imtiaz Ali Taj
47-RAja Ghidh Is written by?Bano Qudsiya
48-How many lines are there in MA-sud-dus?6
49-Shikwa IQbal’s Famous poem Is in whcih book? Baang-e-Dira
50-HAj performed by holy prophet on ?10hij
51-Shanama ISlam is written by ?Hafeez Jalandhari
52-Origin Of Specie Is written by?Charles Darwin
53- Partition of Bengal Took place in ? 1905
54-Suez Canal Connects ? Medi and red sea
55- which poet was famous for Masnavi?Mir Hassan
56. Muhammad Iqbal 1st book in persian?Israr e Khudi

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