NTS Sample Paper 2016-2017 Sub Inspector Legal Pakistan Railways Police

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NTS Sample Paper 2016-2017 Sub Inspector Legal Pakistan Railways Police
Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate word, from the given lettered choices (A to D) below each.
1.  Almost everyone has trouble ______ at one time or another.
A.  sleeping
B.  for sleeping
C.  sleep
D.  slept
2.  Ali always seeks _____ wealth.
A.  from
B.  with
C.  to
D.  for
Each question below consists of a related pair of words, followed by five lettered pairs of words. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in
the original pair.
3.  PAGE: BOOK::
A.  sailors: crew
B.  petal: flower
C.  leaf: stalk
D.  singers: chorus
A.  honesty: policy
B.  cleanliness: godliness
C.  work: worship
D.  serve: wait
Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters.
A.  general
B.  widespread
C.  diffused
D.  common
6.  URBAN:
A.  country-made
B.  pastoral
C.  provincial
D.  rural
Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized
A.  alter
B.  church
C.  complete
D.  decide
E.  agree
A.  relationship
B.  marriage
C.  prosperity
D.  happiness
E.  goodness
Read the passage to answer question 9 – 10
In the late seventeenth century, a transformation began that would make
coffee one of the most popular drinks in Europe. The coffeehouse-meeting
place of bankers, dissidents, artists, merchants, poets, wits, and rogues was
in some ways the cradle of modern Europe. Coffee would change, in less
than a century, from the drink of a few princes and a few paupers to the
chief social beverage of the rising middle class.
9.  The word “transformation” is closest in meaning to:
A.  trend
B.  event
C.  change
D.  custom
10.  The word “rogues” refers to a type of:
A.  beverage
B.  person
C.  book
D.  coffee
11.  Name the only Hindu Kingdom in the world?
A.  India
B.  Nepal
C.  Maldives
D.  All of the above
12.    11 July is known as:
A.  World Population Day
B.  World No-tobacco Day
C.  International day of Disabled Persons
D.  International Women Day
13.  The present Prime Minister of England is:
A.  Tony Blair
B.  Gordon Brown
C.  John Major
D.  Theresa Mary May
14.  Chief Minister of KPK, Pervaiz Khatak, elected on 31 May 2013, belongs
to which Political Party?
A.  Pakistan People’s Party
B.  Pakistan Muslim League (N)
C.  Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
D.  Pakistan Muslim League (Q)
15.  Numbers of the suras in the holy Quran are:
A.  110
B.  112
C.  114
D.  120
16.  The guardian of Holy Quran is/are:
A.  Holy Prophet
B.  Muslims
C.  Angel
D.  God Almighty
17.  Jihad is to fight against:
A.  selfish desires
B.  enemies of country
C.  enemies of our nation
D.  enemies of Almighty Allah
18.  Which of these offences are bailable?
A.  418.403.451
B.  231.225.b228
C.  238.239.242
D.  500.508.472
19.  For the purpose of Cr.P.C., investigation includes all proceedings
conducted by:
A.  a police officer or by any person authorized by a magistrate
B.  a police officer only
C.  a magistrate only
D.  none of the above
20.  When information is given to an officer incharge of a police station of
commission of a non-cognizable offence, he shall act in accordance with:
A.  S.154 Crpc
B.  S.155 Crpc
C.  S.156 Crpc
D.  S.157Crpc
21.  Proceedings in the course of which evidence is or may be legally taken
on oath are called:
A.  Judicial proceedings
B.  Legal proceedings
C.  Court proceedings
D.  Official proceedings
22.  In a complaint under section 200 CRPC a magistrate taking cognizance of
the offence shall:
A.  at once examine the complaints on oath
B.  at once examine the complaint without oath
C.  examine the complaint after receiving the reply of respondent or police report
D.  at once issue notice to respondent
Q #.  Right Choice
1  A
2  D
3  B
4  D
5  A
6  D
7  A
8  E
9  C
10  B
11  B
12  A
13  D
14  C
15  C
16  D
17  D
18  A
19  A
20  B
21  A
22  A

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