Pakistan Studies Questions Answers Quiz


51. Who was the Governor of Bengal at the time of deciding the partition of the province?

Ans:Sir Frederick Burrows

52. Who was the Chief Minister of Bengal at the time of deciding the partition of the province?

Ans: Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy

53. Which was the ruling party in Bengal at the time of deciding the partition of the province?

Ans: Muslim League

54. What was the verdict of the Bengal Legislative Assembly on the question of partition of Bengal?

Ans:Bengal Legislative Assembly met in two sections on June 20, 1947; the Hindu-majority section voted in favor of partition of Bengal by 58 votes to 21 and Muslim-majority section voted against partition of Bengal by 106 to 35.

55. When did the elections take place in East and West Bengal for nominees to the Constituent Assemblies of India and Pakistan?

Ans:July 4-5, 1947

56. When was the award of the Punjab Boundary Commission announced?

Ans:Aug. 17, 1947

57. When did the Nawab of Manavadar announced accession to Pakistan?

Ans:September, 24, 1947

58. When was the State of Manavadar forcibly occupied by the Indian troops?

Ans:February 15, 1948

59. When did the Kathiawar State of Junagadh announced accession to Pakistan?

Ans:August 18, 1947

60. When did Pakistan accept the accession of Junagadh?

Ans: Sept. 15, 1947

61. Who warned Pakistan that “Pakistan’s acceptance of accession of Junagadh was in utter violation of principles on which the Partition of India was agreed upon and effected”?

Ans:Lord Mountbatten

62. What was the population of the State of Junagadh?

Ans: 800,000

63. What was the percentage of Hindu Population in the State of Junagadh?


64. Where exactly was the location of Junagadh in the Kathiawar peninsula?

Ans:South West of the Kathiawar peninsula.

65. What was the distance of Jungadh from Pakistan?

Ans: 450 miles

66. The landlords of which two feudatory areas of Junagadh announced accession to India?

Ans: Mangrol and Babriawad

67. When did the Indian troops enter in Babariawad and Mangrol?

Ans:November 1, 1947

68. Why did the Indian troops enter in Babariawad and Mangrol?

Ans:These were the tributary states of Junagadh. The Indian troops entered here to find an excuse for occupying Junagadh.

69. When did the Indian troops enter in the capital city of Junagadh?

Ans:November 9, 1947

70. Who was the Dewan (Chief Minister) of the Junagadh State?

Ans:Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto

71. Who at Junagadh said ” Handing over the administration to the Indian Union was comparable to inviting thief to tea” ?

Ans:Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto

72. Through which port of Junagadh India made its amphibious landing?


73. When was the referendum in under-occupation Junagadh held on the question of joining India or Pakistan?

Ans:Feb. 24, 1948

74. .What was the result of the referendum?

Ans: The referendum was a merely farce as there were no neutral observers and the unilateral announcement from Indian Govt was made that 190,779 votes were in favor of India and 91 in favor of Pakistan .

75. What was the area of the State of Hyderabad?

Ans:82000 sq. miles

76. What was the population of Hyderabad in 1947?

Ans:18 million

77. What was the title of the ruler of Hyderabad?


78. What was the name of the Nizam of Hyderabad and Berar?

Ans:Mir Osman Ali Khan

79. What was the decision of the Nizam of Hyderabad on the accession issue on June 11, 1947?

Ans:To remain Independent

80. Which State, after receiving threats from Indian Government on accession issue, sought attention of the United Nations on 24-08-1947?


81. When was a standstill agreement reached between India and the Nizam of Hyderabad?

Ans: Nov. 29, 1947, was to continue for one year.

82. Which reprehensible pressure tactic was used by India to force Hyderabad for accession?

Ans: Economic blockade

83. When did Indian forces occupy Hyderabad against the wishes of its Muslim Nawab?

Ans: September, 12 1948

84. Apart from Junagadh, Hyderabad and Kashmir which other St
ate was forced to accede to India against the wishes of its ruler?

Ans: Jodhpur

85. What was the percentage of Muslim population in entire Kashmir at the time of partition?


86. .What was the percentage of Muslim population in the valley of Kashmir at the time of partition?

Ans: 93%

87. Historically speaking from which century Kashmir was being ruled by Muslims till its conquest by Ranjit Singh in 1819?

Ans:14th Century

88. When did Ranjit Singh sell the Kashmir State to the Dogra Raja, Gulab Singh for an amount of Rs. 7500,000?


89. What is the distance from Kashmir to Pakistan?

Ans: 250 miles

90. Who was the founder of the National Conference in Kashmir?

Ans: Sheikh Abdullah

91. In May 1947 which President of the Indian National Congress went to Kashmir to persuade the Dogra Raja for accession with India?

Ans:Acharya Kirpalani

92. When did the Muslim Conference of Kashmir adopt a resolution in favor of accession to Pakistan?

Ans:19th July, 1947

93. What was the name of the Maharajah of Kashmir in 1947?

Ans:Hari Singh

94. Which Kashmir State Prime Minister was in favor of Independent Kashmir?

Ans: Ram Chandra Kak

95. After the visit of Gandhi to Kashmir there were two significant developments; one was the appointment of Dogra Janak Singh as Prime Minister, which was the other?

Ans:Release of Sheikh Abudullah from Prison

96. In October 1947 Dogra Janak Singh was replaced by a nominee of Indian National Congress. What was his name?

Ans:Mehr Chand Mahajan – A former member of Boundary Commission

97. What incited the Kashmiris to initiate a guerrilla war against the Dogra ruler?

Ans:The Raja of Kashmir Hari Singh ordered Muslims to deposit all arms they possessed and also disarmed the Muslim personnel in the State army.

98. In which district the RSS and Sikh gangs from India reached to assist the Dogra Raja in extermination of Kashmiri Muslims?


99. When did the Pathans from the tribal belt of Pakistan reach Kashmir to fight against the forces of the Dogra Raja?

Ans:21/22 October, 1947

100.When did the advance party of Pathan tribesmen take control of Srinagar power house?

Ans: 24th October, 1947

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