Physics MCQS for MDCAT Entry Test

Physics MCQS Practice Test for MDCAT Entry Test

1. Al-Khawarizmi was the founder of

(Microbiology, Analytical Algebra, Physics)

2. Logarithm was invented by

(Al- Beruni, Al-Khawarizmi, Ibn-e- Sina)

3. The author of Kitab-ul-Masoodi was

(Al-Beruni, Ibn-e-Sina, Ibn-al-Haitham)

4. The author of Al-Qanun-Fil-Tib was

(Al-Beruni, Ibn-e-Sina, Ibn-al-Haitham)

5. Alsh-Shifa an encyclopedia of philosophy was written by

(Al-Beruni, Ibn-e-Sina, Abn-al-Haitham)

6 The dimension of volume is

(L2, L-2, L3)

7. The dimension of velocity is

(LT-2, L-1L2, LT-1)

8. The dimension of linear momentum is
(MLT-1, ML-1T, M-1LT)

9. The number of 6408.2 has __________ significant figure(s).

(one, four, five)

10. Vectors are denoted by

(or a, b, c)

11. Magnitude of vectors is denoted by

(or a, b, c)

12. The angle between the horizontal and vertical component of a vector is

(90°, 0°, 180°)

13. If the resultant of two forces of magnitude 3N and 4N is 5N then the angle between these two forces is

(0°, 45°, 90°)

14. A steel ball is dropped in a viscous fluid. It will .

(move down with uniform velocity, remain stationary, fall with uniform acceleration of 9.8 m/s2)

15. A trolley of mass 2kg moves with constant acceleration on a smooth horizontal surface. Its speed changes from 4m/s to 16 m/s during 6.0 seconds. The trolley has an acceleration of __________m/s2.

(0.5 , 0.66, 2)

16. The unit of coefficient of friction in SI system is

(Newton, Dyne, None of These (No Unit))

17. Due to the rise in temperature the coefficient of fluid friction wil

(Decrease, Increase, Remain the same)

18.The motion of a body along a straight line is called

(Linear Motion, Angular Motion, Vibratory Motion)

19.The motion of a body along a curved path is called

(Linear Motion, Angular Motion, Vibratory Motion)

20.The example of motion of the body in two dimensions is

(Ball moving along a straight line, Progectile, Train moving along a straight track)

21. The horizontal range of the projectile is directly proportional to the.

(Initial Velocity, Square of the initial velocity, Square root of the initial velocity)

22. The horizontal range of the projectile is directly proportional to the

(sine of the angle of elevation, sine of the twice of the angle of elevation, square of the sine of the angle of elevation)

23. The expression for the trajectory of the projectile is

(ax – ½ bx2, a/x – bx2/2, ax – bx2)

24. The dimensions of angular momentum are

(MLT-1, MLT-2, ML2T-1)

25. The SI of angular momentum is

(kgmsec-1, kgm2sec-2, kgm2sec-1)

26. The turning effect of a force is called

(Acceleration, Torque, Velocity)

27. One electron volt is equal to

(1.6 x 10-19J, 1.6 x 10-18J, 1.6 x 1019J)

28. One joule is equal to

(103erg, 107erg, 10-3erg)

29. The dot product of force and velocity is called

(Work, Power, Energy)

30. Power is a

(Scalar Quantity, Vector Quantity, None of these)

31. Work done by a variable force is equal to

(where Ddi is small, where Ddi is large, None of these)

32. A man does the work if he

(Goes to fifth floor of the building, Goes to fifth floor of the building and comes back to ground floor, remains on the ground floor)

33. One horsepower is equal to

(, 746, None of these)

34. Law of conservation of energy is equivalent to 

(Law of conservation of mass, Law of conservation of momentum, None of these)

35. The expression for the absolute potential energy of mass m at the earth surface is given as

(mgh, GmMe/Re, GmMe/Re2)

36. Work done on a body is equal to

(P.t, P/t, F/A2)

37. The velocity of transverse vibrations in sonometer under tension T is proportional to

(T, T1/2, T-1/2, T-1)

38. Sound travels faster in

(Air, Water, Vacuum, Glass)

39. The phenomenon of interference of light was first demonstrated by

(Newton, Einstein, Thomas Young, Michelson)

40. __________ of the following is not associated with light waves.

(Transmission of energy, Interference, Diffraction, Longitudinal Vibrations)

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