PPSC English MCQs Past Papers Solved

English Literature

1. Wool gathering
indulgence in aimless thoughts and dreamy imagination; absent minded.
usage: Mother advised to her son to not wool gather and be serious
2. Under the harrow
in difficult situation; distress
usage:After giving divorce to her wife he is under the harrow now.
3. Cold comfort
little comfort or encouragement.
usage: After getting job Aslam is in cold comfort.
4. A gold digger
a relationship mad by women with a man to seek his money or gift.
usage: The new secretary seem to be gold digger.
5. Walk with God
meaning: to live in accordance with the commandments of God.
usage: He is very pious person because he walk with god.
6. On the thin ice
in a risky and dangerous situation.
usage: Aslam made many mistakes in the Essay paper and now his is on the thin ice
7. A queer fish
a person of old habits
usage: Aslam father in law is a queer fish
8. Unearthly hour
: at a very earlier time of morning
usage: it is midnight what brought you to come here.

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