PPSC Solved Everyday Science MCQs

Everyday Science MCQs
31. If an iron is marked 750 watts by 250 volts, then it was designated to take a current of
Ans 3 Amperes

32. The blue colour of the sky is due to
Ans Scattering of light

33. Geiger counter is an instrument
Ans To detect radioative radiation

34. When we are looking at a rainbow in front of us, The sun must be
Ans high in the sky and is located either on our rigght or left

35. When as the satellite is in thhe geostationary orbit , its
Ans Orbital distance is equal to the radius of the earth

36. The most intense man-made light souce is
Ans Master

37. How many calories will b needed to raise the temperature of 10 grams of water from 200 to 3000?
Ans 1

38. The branch of biological science ” Ecology ” deals with the study of
Ans Animals in relation to plants

39. The film of oil and soapy water owe their brilliant colours to a combination of light reflection and
Ans Refraction

40. The solar ultraviolet rays fo not harm living organism because
Ans The ozone layer of the atmosphere weakens them

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